A sustainable future with green technology

Human nature is such that to progress with each passing step is a natural way of life. Every nation looks at economic growth and development as markers of its grandeur and success. In this race to do better each day, humans have harnessed the potential of the environment for centuries now. Sometimes, as a part of this competition and to stay ahead of others, they have acted recklessly and damaged their surroundings in a way which is appalling.

With a better understanding of the implications of playing with nature, the recent years have seen an increased consciousness towards the area of environmental conservation. Global manufacturers have taken a renewed cognizance of sustainable development and environmental conservation, to ensure a future-proof world for the coming generations. Companies today are giving a great impetus to developing breakthrough technologies that do not have a harmful impact on the surroundings. The era of ‘green technology or green products’ has set in and eco-friendly and energy-efficient products have found a unique preference amongst all responsible consumers. This technology aims for a more judicious use of our scarce natural resources and ensures cost effectiveness while being performance-oriented.

As a reputed brand with a deep sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation, LG has introduced an innovative, energy-efficient technology as a part of its product portfolio. The innovative technology has been used in the new range of Air Conditioners called the Dual Inverter ACs. These have been developed using breakthrough technology and design features to cool the surroundings to perfection, while being environment- friendly. The Dual Inverter ACs comply with the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) as accredited by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). This keeps the running costs low and ensures energy conservation. It has a dual rotary compressor with twin rotors which results in faster cooling, high energy savings, greater stability and low operational noise. It saves upto 50% of running cost annually.

These ACs are designed to perform at temperatures even as high as 52 degrees Celsius. They boast of the Himalayan Cool Technology with which the AC automatically adjusts to the room temperature while using minimum energy and cutting operational costs.  It comes with a stabilizer free technology to reduce the running cost while being aesthetically pleasing. There is a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 5-year warranty on the condenser. The ACs run using the R-410 Refrigerant gas that is environment-friendly and has zero ozone depletion potential. The ACs have a special mosquito-away feature that keep the mosquitoes at bay while it is in use. They are available in the capacity of 1.5 ton and 2 ton.

With the introduction of such a user-centric and reliable product, LG has spearheaded the era of green technology in the consumer durables space.  The brand has earned customer reliability by being a champion for a greener and healthier environment. LG’s products are a great blend of usability and consumer appeal and the brand is focused on innovating for a better tomorrow.

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