A complete viewing experience with LG OLED TV

LG has launched its innovative range of cutting-edge televisions called OLED this year. The OLED TV is a true reincarnation of our favorite gadget. They are here to redefine the viewing experience, by being a unique synthesis of functionality and aesthetic excellence. It is a smart technology product that is well-suited to the changing viewing patterns of today’s viewers. The brand LG is one of the most respected brands that strives to bring in new technological breakthroughs constantly. With the introduction of the OLED, the brand has ushered in a new wave of high-performance and design leadership.

The OLED TV’s key message is that of simplicity and perfection.The OLED TV combines the power of detailed imagery and crisp audio, allowing viewers to indulge in a rich and immersive audio-visual environment. The OLED features the Dolby Vision™and Dolby Atmos® technology to deliver the perfect ‘home-cinema’ experience for users. Dolby Vision™ technology that transforms the television viewing experience with astonishing brightness and optimizing the picture scene-by-scene, thereby giving an unmatched viewing experience along with support of all HDR Format (Dolby Vision , HDR 10 , HLG , SDR to HDR conversion) While the Dolby Atmos offers an object-based 3600 surround sound. The resultant ambience is one that allows viewers to enjoy the luxury and thrill of a cinema theatre, in the comfort of their own home.

LG has taken a design leadership role by pressing on the fundamental role of design in today’s era. The thin profile of the OLED presents a “picture-on-glass” experience and gives a sophisticated look and feel owing to its minimalistic features and elegant design.

The OLED TV is equipped with smart technology, such as the latest WebOS uniquely designed platform for TVwhich provide an intuitive interface.Viewers can now enjoy Latest and popular 4K services like NetFlix, Amazon Prime videos along with unlimited regular content access via YouTube.Even intuitive Magic Remote which works like mouse can be used for this purpose with great ease.

The OLED TV’s are making an impressive mark by delivering a TV experience like never before. They have rightly been touted as the ‘’Future of TV”. Now users can witness an unmatched and powerful home cinema experience. Time to call in guests for a movie-marathon at home this season.

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