5 Simple Free Ways to Buy Products at a Discount online

If you’re on this piece, I already know couple things about you. First of all, you’re someone who shops a lot online, and secondly you’re looking for tips to save money while shopping online.

Well no I’m not some kind of mind-reader (Although I sure hope I was!) I deducted those factors simply from you being on this page, because why else would you be reading this piece, right?

Anyway without beating around the bush let’s get down to the point:-


They’re a major “money saver” if you’re a bulk online shopper. Well there are two ways you can avail this.

Some E-commerce platforms offer you cashbacks as a promotional offer or something like that, but that’s not a permanent thing and they might not always be available.

So when there aren’t any default cashback offers, you can use platforms like CashKaro or any other website out there which offers you a cashback when you purchase online.

Search on Google for :- Online shopping cashback sites. Visit these sites, buy whatever you need using the links on these sites, and you will be rewarded with cashback once you reach their threshold.

Coupon Codes:-

Coupon codes aren’t something which were born in the last decade. Infact it’s hard to believe but they’ve been around for almost half a century.

And when it comes to availing discounts, there’s nothing which works better than coupon codes.

Now there are quite a number of different coupon types available. They might be simple “Discount” coupons like Voonik coupons or Printvenue coupons

Or they might be “cashback” coupons which offers you a cashback after you’ve purchased something.

Or they might be a “spot” coupon, meaning if there are 100 products, your spot is reserved for you.

But bottomline? Coupons save money, period!

Low Price Notifications:-

There are a lot of platforms available online like MySmartPrice which notify you whenever the price of a product or a  category drops down to its lowest.

You might get a push notification on an E-mail regarding the same, point being they monitor the product for you and let you know once the price is down.

Just Google for :- Price Trackers on Google and you’ll get your new bestfriends.

Social Media:-

If you’re looking for money-saving tips, you can’t miss out Social Media. Almost every big brand out there including Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay and everyone else has a social media profile.

Just subscribe to their notifications, because if there’s one platform they spend their money on, it’s social media.

They reportedly spend thousands of dollars on Social media promotion to gather audience for the sole purpose of increasing their sales.

And that includes promotional offers and messages whenever a deal is going on. I doubt they will have a sale on-going without sharing about it on their Social Media pages.

Used Products:-

They are seriously underrated. You can find “used books” and other products on Amazon for almost 20-30% of the original price.

And trust me, the quality is almost as good as new. Ofcourse this is not something that every platform offers, but Amazon and Ebay surely do. (I’m sure a simple Google Search will get you a list!)

Afterall, how bad can the condition of a Desk or Painting or maybe a book be? Just because they’re “used” doesn’t mean they can’t be used again. Most people sell it off not because they’ve lost their mojo but because they probably got an upgrade, or are running low on storage.

Final Words:-

So that’s all I’d say as far as this guide on Saving money while shopping online is concerned.

Do let me know if you’ve got any other tips you might be using to save some bucks, might come in handy for me as well, won’t it?

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