5 Reasons Why the OnePlus 7 Pro Is Perfect for Online Students

Our recent report on OnePlus and its ability to survive a declining smartphone market garnered a lot of attention. The brand is known for its capable phones and great pricing structure, which is exactly the combination you need in today’s challenging market. Of course, OnePlus does more than offer a good list of specifications and features at great prices.

The latest OnePlus 7 Pro received a warm welcome when it was launched earlier in May, despite the higher price compared to the normal average of OnePlus phones. The phone places OnePlus in the middle of the big boys, taking both Samsung and Apple by surprise with its market position. What’s interesting is how the OnePlus 7 Pro is incredibly popular among students.

Upon closer inspection, the OnePlus 7 Pro offers some key features that a lot of users – students in particular – expect from a flagship Android phone. There are five reasons why the OnePlus 7 Pro is perfect if you are an online student, and we are going to review them in this article.

It’s Fast!

At the top of our list, we have the OnePlus 7 Pro’s blazingly fast performance. The phone rocks the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, but the computing power of this processor isn’t the only thing supporting the OnePlus 7 Pro’s speed. You can also choose between 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB of RAM, depending on the configuration you go for.

The RAM in a OnePlus 7 Pro acts more than just for active use. The excessive amount of RAM gets utilized for better multitasking and for storing certain data when apps are being used. The clever way this feature gets implemented means you can expect your 7 Pro to be incredibly snappy, regardless of the tasks you throw at it.

There is also the fast storage, which now features UFS 3.0 read/write speeds. OnePlus 7 Pro is actually the first phone that utilizes this technology, so you know it is the fastest phone in the world when it comes to reading and writing files. When you work with PDF files and large course materials, the fast read/write speeds are indeed handy.

Immersive Display

Another feature that stole everyone’s attention when the OnePlus 7 Pro was announced is the display. The phone now rocks a 6.67-inch display with support for HDR10+; no, you did not misread that last part. The already impressive display also features a true all-screen design. No notch or cutouts to worry about if you are a OnePlus 7 Pro user.

It doesn’t stop there either. The display also features 90Hz refresh. This isn’t a groundbreaking feature – Razer’s gaming phone uses 120Hz display – but the combination of the AMOLED display, the 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and how well all of these features get implemented is truly impressive. It puts the OnePlus 7 Pro on a league of its own.

An Imaging Powerhouse

The OnePlus 7 Pro also comes with a set of four cameras. Its main shooter has three cameras for different purposes. The main 48-megapizel camera is capable of producing crisp and vibrant images while handling low-light situations like a pro. OnePlus phones were never known for their exceptional camera, but the OnePlus 7 Pro stands out nonetheless.

There is also a 16-megapizel wide-angle camera with ultra-wide lens, perfect for when you want to snap some landscapes or you need to capture photos of your friends. To complete the set, there is an 8-megapizel telephoto camera with support for Portrait mode.

One thing to note about the front camera of this phone is the fact that it’s hidden. The OnePlus 7 Pro now uses a pop-up selfie camera design to make an all-screen display possible. The selfie camera itself is good for everyday use. It even has an HDR mode, which in our view performs better than the HDR mode of the Huawei P30.

Software Features

Software is where the OnePlus really shines. Oxygen OS is always a joy to use because the OS isn’t designed to substitute Android OS. In fact, it does little to no skinning on the surface. What Oxygen OS does is take features provided by the latest version of Android and elevate those features to the next level.

The management of two SIM cards, for instance, is much more fluid in Oxygen OS compared to other dual-SIM phones. Full-length screenshots are easy to capture with the built-in Extended Screenshot tool. The same is true with the screen record function; it supports recording audio from internal and external source depending on what you are trying to do.

Zen Mode is particularly interesting. It is Oxygen OS-specific, but it is basically a feature that mimics Google’s Digital Wellbeing. It is a great feature for students, since it helps you maintain a balanced life as well as focus. When you are pursuing an electrical and computer engineering degree from a reputable university like Kettering University while working a fulltime job, being able to unplug is a blessing.

More Features

It is difficult to decide on the last reason for this list. The OnePlus 7 Pro is THAT capable of a phone, making it a very good value despite the $799 price tag. You get 4,000 mAh of battery capacity and support for Warp Charge 30, which now charges your phone from 0% to 34% in just 15 minutes. It is noticeably faster than other charging technologies on the market.

Even the design of the phone is perfect for students. The phone’s display is large enough for reading course materials and browsing through resource centers, but the design of the phone makes it comfortable to hold and compact enough to travel with. You can also choose a 5G-ready OnePlus 7 Pro if you want to future-proof your phone, making it an even better investment in the long run.

There are some minor complaints about the OnePlus 7 Pro – such as the lack of a headphone jack – but we’d be nitpicking at this point. This is a fantastic phone for its price; one that blows its competitors out of the water. We found the mid-range 8GB/256GB version to be the sweet spot. If you are an online student looking for the best phone to support your busy life, that’s the version you should go for.

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