3 Digital Jobs You May Not Have Heard Of

3 Digital Jobs You May Not Have Heard Of 1

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According to research recently published by the World Economic Forum, approximately 65% of the children entering primary schools this year are expecting to eventually havefuture careers in roles that do not even exist yet.

Although this may seem farfetched, the speed at which technology has advanced since we ourselves entered primary school is undeniable. Moreover, the developments that have already occurred during our lifetimes are surely nothing compared to those that will happen over the next two or three decades. In fact, the World Economic Forum predicts that the job market will become even more active by 2020, with roles in administration, production and manufacturing declining while business, financial, computer and mathematical functions will rise.

Of course, the pinnacle of these changes will continue to be technology. Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics and many of the other areas that are still in their infancy right now will eventually play huge roles in almost every area of our lives. Its thought that at some point in the future, our robotic or digital counterparts will even render us obsolete in certain roles, as they will be more adept at jobs such as product management, repairs and delivery. Plus, improved communication technologies will enable remote working, co-working spaces and teleconferencing according to leading HR representatives, meaning that the very way we conduct business now may be fundamentally transformed.

Already we can clearly see the different roles occupied by humans, robots and a combination of the two. Here are just some of the different digital jobs that you may not have heard of:

Online Chat Moderator

3 Digital Jobs You May Not Have Heard Of 2

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While telecommunications are occasionally adopted in other areas of business, the role of online chat moderator embraces them completely. When the internet was still in its infancy, these roles required individuals to chat with others usually customers who required assistance in one form or another. However, these days online chat hosts are able to communicate with others using a variety of newly developed tech such as webcams for face-to-face talks.

An example of an industry that continues to adapt this tech is iGaming, as many online casinos and bingo sites tend to have a number of online chat moderators available at all times. Bingo sites have become incredibly popular in recent years, even leading to the creation of review and recommendation sites such as WDW Bingo, and this may be partially due to the social element they provide, simulating the land-based casino halls of yesteryear. On such sites, online chat moderators host games, speak to customers and generally ensure everything is running smoothly. Without these roles and the tech that enables them, it is arguable that the iGaming industry would not have achieved as much success as they bridge the gap between reality and the digital world.

Robot Counselor

Social robots, technically defined as artificially intelligent systems that communicate and interact with humans, are already quite common both online and in real-world environments. Some of these robots have even gained popularity due to how life-like they can be, with Hitchbot becoming a media sensation almost overnight after it hitchhiked through Canada.

As far as interactive technologies go though, few are more revealing about the human condition than the phenomenon that is robot counselors. At their most basic level, robot counselors are online, computer and virtual reality-based pieces of software that are programmed to provide cognitive-behavioral therapy for humans in need. However, the robotherapy industry also includes robots specialized in taking care of children, adults and even the elderly who suffer from social, physical or cognitive issues. These robots are often active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and some research already suggests that they can improve the quality of life for individuals who would otherwise not receive the dedicated help they require and are particularly effective when dealing with specific conditions such as autism.

Solar Tech Specialist

Finally, there are the current roles that require humans to work with technology in order to further our civilization as a whole. Its thought that in just 112 hours – less than a working week of five days – the sun can provide enough energy to equal our current resources of oil, coal and natural gas on the Earth. Obviously, harnessing this incredible amount of energy is very important as it help to keep our planet healthy while also providing enough electricity to run out homes, schools and businesses.

This is where solar technology specialists come in. Using newly developed solar grids, these professionals either farm their own energy on their own land or property, or work as consultants with others advising them on how they can harness solar power for themselves. As the technology improves, we will hopefully come to know a world where solar power has replaced fossil fuels entirely, thanks to the help of solar tech specialists.

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