Kaspersky Internet Security Detected all Threats in MRG Effitas 360 Assessment

New Delhi, India, June 16, 2015: Kaspersky Internet Security was the only one of 15 protection products to prevent any infection of the operating system during the360 Assessment & Certification Programme Q1 2015 testing carried out by MRG Effitas, the independent research company, and was the only entrant that passed a level one certification.

The test consisted of two stages. The first stage analyzed the behavior of protection products in the face of the most urgent threats; the second studied how effectively the OS could be treated after an infection.The tests were carried out using samples of various malware families – banking Trojans, ransomware, potentially unwanted programs, etc. Kaspersky Internet Security detected all 540 threats and prevented any malicious software from penetrating into the system.

MRG Effitas uses a methodology that mimics typical user behavior. Researchers start by following a malicious link on a computer protected by a security solution. Then they download an executable infected file, save it on the hard drive, and finally attempt to run it. After that, the product is given time to treat the system and cope with the consequences of infection. Because home users do not generally leave their computers running all day, the system is restarted after 12 hours.

To pass a first level certification, products had to block all infection attempts. Solutions that could detect any threat before the first reboot of the PC, or in the process of the rebooting, were awarded a second class certificate. In the January testing 10 of the 15 participants could not protect the system from all the malware used by the researchers. Another four solutions allowed the system to be infected but were able to remedy the situation. Only one solution, Kaspersky Internet Security, could prevent every infection attempt.

“Once inside a computer, a malicious application can be activated at any time: it can encrypt data, steal confidential information or open remote access to the system. Even if a security solution detects this activity after the malware starts to act, the damage may have already been done. Therefore it is important to stop the attack as soon as possible –ideally before any infection attempt can succeed. And the results of this test show that the Kaspersky Lab technology can effectively protect users by preventing system infection”, said Timur Biyachuev, Director of Anti-Malware research, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Internet Security is part of Kaspersky Internet Security — Multi-Device, the multi platform solution which protects users from most urgent Internet threats. It integrates tools that combat crypto malware, financial threats and much more. Most importantly, it features technology that can identify and block system infection attempts at an early stage.

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