Hero Electronix launches ‘Qubo Shield’: An All in One Smart Home Security System for Indian Consumers

Hero Electronix, a Hero Group company which forayed into the consumer technology market in 2019 with the launch of Qubo connected smart devices has launched Qubo Shield, A New Age Smart Security Solution which is designed to look out for your loved ones and valuables 24X7 so that you can have peace of mind whether you are home or away. Qubo Shield is the smartest home security solution available in the market which provides end to end security across all aspects of the home. It guards you against all kinds of threats whether it is an external threat like intrusion & theft or a threat caused by a safety hazard like Fire & Gas Leakages. Unlike other offerings in the market which are restricted to only intrusion alarm systems, this kit comes with an intrusion alarm system, set of cameras & smart sensors all packed in a single solution. Plus, all this will be managed through a single Qubo App, hence offering a seamless experience to a user.

Announcing the new product launch, Ujjwal Munjal, Founder Director, Hero Electronix, said, “At Hero Electronix, we have been constantly innovating in the space of AI-driven technologies with our strong R&D team. Today I am excited to announce the Launch of Qubo Shield – An All in One Smart Home Security System for Indian Consumers which is designed to smartly solve the security needs of all kinds of multi-generation consumers.”


Qubo Shield is able to instantaneously sense a threat or a hazard, notifies you in real-time, enables you to verify what’s happening and deter unwanted threats and accidents. How this kit works uniquely is: 

  • Senses: Powered with breakthrough AI, Qubo Cameras and Smart Security Sensors look out for the unwanted dangers 24X7.

  • Alerts: The moment something needs your attention, Qubo notifies you immediately through Qubo App.  You are also alerted via a phone call in the event of critical security or safety breaches.

  • Deters: In the event of a breach, Qubo Smart Indoor Camera’s built-in Alarm system helps prevent an escalation promptly. Qubo App enables you to remotely verify what’s happening and take charge.

Qubo Shield is a revolutionary offering designed exclusively for the Indian market and is highly differentiated in the category it operates. It is way ahead of the current competition offerings. What makes it really unique is: 

  • Wire Free Quick Set-up: These security kits are an easy to use DIY installation which requires no wiring, drilling etc and can be installed in minutes.

  • Ease of Usage:  All the devices in the kit can be operated by a single application on your phone, or by the simple use of Voice command through Alexa.

  • Data security and privacy: With Qubo’s Q-Crypto technologies, there is no worry of data leakages as streaming is 100% secured with AES128 Encryption. Data transmission and storage also complies with the highest global standards of cryptographic algorithms and security.

  • Cloud based out of India: Your recording back-up on cloud remains in servers based out of India. Keeping your data in the country safe.

  • Intelligent Alerts with Phone Call follow-up: Get alerted via phone call in the event of critical security or safety breaches. Making the solution fail proof.

  • Trust of Hero Group: In order to ensure round the clock support, Hero Electronix will also provide dedicated experts to answer any queries you may have. Plus, Onsite support with 1-year Warranty.

  • Configurable Solution: The Qubo Shield comes built-in with 3 configurable security modes designed to secure you even if you are away from your home. Home Mode enables users to guard their homes in their presence, Away Mode puts sensors and cameras on high alerts in case you are away from your home to inform users in real-time in case of an emergency and Night Mode provides just the right amount of security for the night so that the users can have a sound sleep.

Qubo Shield is designed to support varied needs and different styles of living. Our Q-Experts will assist you in choosing just the right kit for your needs. The security kit comes in 2 variants Qubo Shield Starter Pack and Qubo Shield Medium pack. The starter pack comprises Qubo Smart Indoor Camera, Smoke Sensor, Gas Sensor and 2 Door/Window sensors. The Qubo Shield Medium pack comprises the above along with the newly launched Qubo Smart Home Security Camera.

With the launch of Qubo Shield. Hero Electronix is committed to its vision of not only launching more than 10 smart products across Home Automation, Automotive and Entertainment domains but also providing affordable AI-based solutions to Indian consumers across all price points.

Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Rajpal, CEO, Hero Electronix, said, “Our vision is to introduce breakthrough AI-powered innovative products to the masses at accessible price points. With the launch of Qubo Shield, we are providing an all-encompassing home security solution that is reliable, smart and easy to use. Existing home security solutions are cumbersome and inaccessible to many. Qubo Shield is tailored to the needs of Indian households all the while ensuring data privacy of the users.”Qubo Shield starter pack and medium pack will be available at a MRP of Rs. 25,490 and Rs. 29,780 respectively across leading online and retail outlets starting from tomorrow onwards. 

As per market estimates, the projected size of the smart home/security market in India is expected to touch $6 billion by 2022 and $53 billion globally.

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