Aquaman Tops Intel Security’s List Of Most Toxic Superheroes Online For 2015

Bangalore, India, July 8, 2015: Intel Security released its 3rd annual Most Toxic Superheroes list, with Aquaman coming in at number 1. The King of Atlantis reclaims the top spot since the company’s inaugural list in 2013.

Intel Security conducted research on the comic universe’s top heroes to learn which searches may be leading consumers to viruses, malware and other inappropriate content that can be considered dangerous, can compromise private information or infect their devices.

As movie studios continue to announce plans to create films and TV series based on comic fans’ favorites – including Aquaman, Doctor Strange and Iron Fist – the study’s results explain why sites that feature these popular superheroes have the potential to be targeted by cybercriminals. They are aware that people are surfing for these characters, giving cybercriminals ample opportunity to steal innocent people’s personal information.

The top 10 superheroes most likely to affect online surfers this year are:

Intel Security’s Top 10 Most Toxic Superheroes:

  1.            Aquaman    20.00%
  2.            Iron Fist                                                                  19.69%
  3.          Wolverine                                                             19.58.%
  4.          Wonder Woman                                                  19.38%
  5.          Doctor Strange                                                     19.17%
  6.          Daredevil                                                               18.96%
  7.          Tie: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man              18.85%
  8.          Catwoman                                                             18.65%
  9.             Green Lantern                                                      18.44%
  10.         Batman                                                                 18.33%

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