The Instant Money Making Machine – Shorte. st Review

You’ve not made a single dollar online? Well be patient, it takes time. Or, it’s not the thing for everyone. Well I’m not here to tell you all of those bullshit lines again.

Instead, what if I say you can start making money right now, from this instant. You don’t have to wait 5-6 months to see results, but you’ll see the cash this very instant?

What? Am I kidding? Well apparently I’m not. See, I won’t brag or mislead you or something. In this piece I’m writing about A URL shortening platform, and well it pays you “instantly”! Yeah all you have to do is shorten URL’s using it and well get paid yeah simple as that.

So well let me give you a clearer picture on how works.


So see? You get a short URL, that short URL sends your traffic to an intermediary page, the ads get displayed, you make money and after 5 seconds visitor lands on your site! Simple as that.

So all have to do is Share the link around and get it clicked. No matter even if you don’t have a website! Just share it across Twitter or any other platform, afterall all that matters is “Getting it clicked”.

1231 Advanced Tools and How to Get More Clicks:-

There are literally 15+ Features you get with but let me make it clear to you that you don’t need to involve yourself with the technicalities if you can’t.

All you have to do is get the links clicked, and how you do that is totally your choice. Although has couple tools to help you out in the process:-

Earn 20x More:- Well with you get a Mass Shrinker. What does is it allows you to shrink 20 URL’s at the same time. Just share them around ,and see the money roll in.

Advanced Features:- If you have a website, let’s you monetize whole of the traffic using Website Scripts! Well you get “advanced” options as well like Exit Intent (to monetize your bounce rate), and Capping Capabilities (To show the ads only in some specific events!)

High Commission Rates:- This is what makes better then it’s competition! It pays as high as $10.80 (roughly, and it varies) per 1000 clicks! Guess what, that’s a big number, but easy to achieve!

Meaning getting 1000 clicks isn’t really that hard, you can do that within hours, meaning constant roll-out for you.

Affiliate :- You refer someone, and will keep paying you 20% of their earnings, forever simple as that! So it literally makes money for you while you sleep! Could you think of anything better? Just head over to, Click on Affiliates option

So overall, is more then equipped to start rolling in the money for you, from this very moment! You know what’s best about

You can see your account’s performance and number of clicks, revenue generated etc from this very moment. As soon as your link gets clicked you get the revenue reflected in your account! So yeah what are you waiting for? Start making money right now!


Best Methods to Promote Your URL:-

Social Media:- No doubt Twitter is the biggest social media out there. So well yeah sharing your links on Twitter and GooglePlus does bring in lot’s of clicks. If you got a big enough Twitter page, well then that’s exactly what you need.

Emails:- In case you have a large enough Email list, you can be sure you’re going to make anywhere between 20-30$ in the next hour! Well yeah, just share your link with something catchy to your list, if it’s even as big as 4000 Id’s you’re going to get paid good. (Considering only 2-3000 people click on it).

Youtube Videos:- Make an awesome review of a product, and well share it on Youtube! Who wouldn’t want to download it if it’s good enough?

Well right there, include your Short URL! Youtube has a huge exposure potential, so yeah make use of it.

How Will You Get Paid:-

It’s almost as if is desperate to pay you out. And that’s why they’ve included as many as three different, most popular payment modules over their system.

You can withdraw your money either via Paypal / Payoneer or WebMoney! So got it? If you have money in your account, you just can’t not get paid!

I don’t think you still won’t atleast give it a try, right? I mean what does it cost? It’s totally free to signup over there! Still waiting for the best moment? Well it won’t happen! So go along and signup on right away.

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