Hide ALL IP: A Software that Does Much More than Hiding Your IP Address!


The web has come ahead ages and the technology involved has evolved like anything. Hackers and snoopers can keep track of all your online activities. These elements can also access your key information, including details of your bank accounts. Installing a powerful anti-virus and anti-malware software may no longer be an effective way to ward-off such attacks. Hide ALL IP, the most powerful IP hiding software, will add another layer of protection by allowing you to surf the web using a proxy IP address.

There’s more to this program than protecting you from hackers and snoopers!

Access Any Website

There are two main reasons why people are unable to access specific websites:

  1. Geographic Restrictions Many websites restrict their access specific geographic locations. They have target countries for commercial or other reasons and they don’t allow users from other countries to access their sites. Hide ALL IP allows you to break these barriers and visit all websites, including such sites that restrict access from, your country.
  2. Government Restrictions There are many countries with governments that entirely ban the use of certain websites in their country. These are mostly social sites, entertainment, and video based sites. If your government has taken such steps, you can go beyond such restrictions with Hide ALL IP.

So How Does Hide ALL IP Help You?

Here are the main features of Hide ALL IP that allow you to surf the web and access each and every site on the web safely and without ever allowing anyone (including the government) to know your identity.

It Changes Your IP Address


The moment you connect this software, your original IP address gets hidden. It will create proxy IP addresses for you to surf the web. No one will ever be able to know what your original IP is.

You Can Even Change Your Location

Hide ALL IP also allows you to change your country. The company has servers in different parts of the world and allows you to connect using these servers.

The company has servers throughout the world including:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Torrent Safety & Encryption

Most other IP-hiding software are not meant to encrypt your data. Hide ALL IP can do that and much more. It is not just enough to hide your IP address, your data should also be encrypted to prevent anyone snooping on the network to access and use your information. When you send out your key documents, you don’t want anyone to learn about them. Hide ALL IP will encrypt your data to prevent any hacker to learn what the data is. Another great advantage is that you 100% torrent safety. In an environment where accessing torrent is no longer considered safe due to many restrictions. But with this software you can readily access torrent without every worrying about the authorities identifying your IP.

Secure Remote DNS Lookup

Another advantage of using Hide ALL IP is that it provides secure remote DNS lookup technology. It will allow you to prevent any risks of DNS leak, fake or trace. The DNS resolve is completely safe and secure.

The software also has a portable version. You can carry it in your flash drive and use it from any place. So wherever you surf from, make sure you surf the web safely. So whether you are traveling or accessing the web from someone else’ computer, you will not have to worry.

Access Internet TV


Hide ALL IP also allows you to access all internet TV without any location-based restrictions. You can connect using an IP from any of the country which is accepted by these service providers (BBC, Hulu or iPlayer) and enjoy internet TV without any limitations. You can also play online games without having to worry about any restrictions.


The software also allows you to monitor the logs.


Hide ALL IP is simply the most powerful software out there to hide your IP address, access any website, encrypt and protect your data online, and do much more. If YouTube, Facebook or other sites are blocked in your country, this software can allow you to access any site. It can also be used with its portable version. Overall, it is the complete protective and secure program that does much more than hiding your IP.

You can download Hide All  from their official website.

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