An Intricate Review Of Hostinger

Hostinger-LogoWebsites are necessary for the growth of any business. But for the creation of websites, web hosting sites play a huge role which can be considered as a cornerstone of modern technological advancements. One can pour in quality content from various resources but still will be incapable of running a successful website. For that, the web hosting agencies will help your site reciprocate with its content. For that very reason, it is imperative that the users find a web hosting site with elite and premium functionalities.

So, to make things easier for the users who are vehemently looking for website hosting providers, hostinger is offering quality web hosting at affordable prices which would be talked about throughout this review.

Hostinger Prices

Pricing of this service provider is very affordable and well optimised for everyone which also made it accessible in the first place. It is in every way a budget-friendly place to get sites hosted with guaranteed reliability. The price quote starts with $2.15 a month and can extend to even $7.95/month depending on the package the user chooses. The base package which is priced around $2.15 a month is an excellent place to start for any newbies and works great for users hosting a single site. The premium package is also somewhat affordable and has a price quote of $3.49 a month. This is the best-selling plan at Hostinger and can satiate most of the users with the perks available with this particular package. For business users, Hostinger has a business pack with a price mark of $7.95/month. This isn’t for everyone but is there in case the users want an added layer of reliability and security.

The Plans Available

The three pricing marks which were being talked about in the previous para corresponds to the subscription fees, so let’s see if these plans are even worthy or usable.

The basic plan which is also known as the single plan costs the users at around $2.15 a month with its limited sets of perks. The users can host only one website with one email account support and a single database for the site. The storage is capped at 10GB. Even the bandwidth speed would be regulated under 100MBPS. Not one of the most enticing plans to choose but definitely is a place to start for bloggers and relevant enthusiasts out there.

Next is the premium package which is the top-selling and the customer preferred package. There is no such bandwidth or storage cap as well as no such limitations on the number of websites hosted. To make this plan even more alluring, hostinger also throws in a free domain name for the subscribed users. This is ideal for WordPress users since this plan is highly optimized for the WordPress users which give them a 3x performance boost.

The business plan is a niche plan which has perks that exceed any customer’s preference since it has everything the customers desired or expected that includes twice the benefits of what their previous plan is offering.

Features Of Hosting

Let’s have a closer look at the hosting features provided at

SSD hosting

Like most of the hosting services out there, hostinger has also switched to SSD storages. The perks of this include more speed with up to 4x read and write speed. SSD storage is exceptionally reliable, and often it so happens that other providers include this in their respective premium packages, unlike hostinger.

Auto/Website Installs

Hostinger is easy to operate mostly because of their inclusion of auto-installer and also a user-friendly website building tool. The auto-installer can install any widget with just one click along with that free templates are also being included mostly developed by the community. Most of these effects can be used with drag and drop feature which is very impactful for the not-so-tech-savvy crowd.

WP optimizations

Hostinger is known for hosting WordPress sites with proficiency. Out of the package, the subscribers are getting PHP7 support which can also be reverted to different PHP versions. They have also included various kinds of optimization tools which cater explicitly to any WordPress websites. Hostinger has been provided customizable caching plug-ins which should take care of the most generic of optimization techniques without user’s intervention.


This is a fundamental feature which helps the growth of any business. Hostinger can provide top-tier security in their business plans where SSL certification can also be availed with an added layer of encryption to the site’s HTTP packets. They are also equipped with DDoS attacks which ensure the accessibility of any subscribed site.

Closing The Doors

Hostinger is more than a nice option and to be very honest no one can provide such an affordable service at such rates. And especially if the users own a WordPress site then hostinger is perfect for them with any doubt. News Service

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