Logitech AnyAngle

Product Description

Logitech-AnyAngleThe Logitech AnyAngle is a protective case for your iPad Air 2 and all models of the iPad minithat firmly holds your iPad at any angle within a 50-degree viewing range.It has an adjustable any-angle stand that uses a hidden hinge and magnetic system, so you keep a comfortable viewing angle, no matter what you do. Plus, the Logitech AnyAngle comes in a variety of colorcombinations, designed to suit your style. So whether you prefer a sophisticated, classic black or want to make a statement with violet or teal, we have your unique look covered.

Key Features

  • Any-angle stand:The case’sany-angle stand uses a hidden hinge that holds your iPad at any angle within a 50-degree range, and firmly keeps that angle in place without tipping or sliding.The any-angle stands folds entirely behind the iPad, so you get a clean, minimalist experience in stand mode or during hand-held use.
  • Essential Protection System:The case’s Essential Protection System protects your iPad from accidental bumps, scratches and spills. The Logitech AnyAngle is precision engineered with durable and water-repellent materials that protectthe front and back of the iPad, without added weight or bulk.

System Requirements

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini,iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad mini 3 

Product Specificationsfor iPad 2

  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 252.8 mm x183.8 mm x 14.3 mm
  • Weight: 342g 

Product Specifications for all iPad mini models

  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 210 mm x 144.4 mm x 15.3 mm
  • Weight: 242g 


Rs. 2,995/-

Available at:



  • 1-year limited hardware warranty in India

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