Sony rolls out USB Type-CT & Type-A Dual Connection Flash Drive

Sony-USB-Type-CT-&-Type-A-Dual-Connection-Flash-DriveSony has launched its all new USB Type-C Flash Drive. The new USB makes data sharing much stronger and easier by bridging the connection between different devices.

The device is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (SuperSpeed USB) standard and encompasses a read speed of up to 130MB/s for fast data transfer. Additionally, the easy portable drive comes with a slim and compact body, as well as a metal exterior making it a comfortable and unique option.

Catering to multiple device transfers, the device is carefully developed with a reversible plug orientation. The USB Type-C enables users to transfer files between devices such as the Apple MacBook 12-inch model, PCs, smartphones and tablets, which come with a USB Type-C port, and PCs with a conventional USB Type-A port.

With these amazing features packed into one slim compact body well-protected with a supplied silicone cover with useful strap hole, data transfer and storage would be the least of concerns in future.

The new USB Type-C & Type-A Dual Connection Flash Drive, available in three capacities – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and will be available across Sony centers.

Product Availability Colour MRP
USM 16CA1 Available White Rs. 1,999
USM 32CA1 Available White Rs. 4,099
USM 64CA1 Available White Rs. 7,099 News Service

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