Quantum Hi Tech rolls out ‘Cooling Pad – QHM 350’ at Rs. 675

Quantum-Hi-Tech-Cooling-Pad-QHM-350QHMPL, India’s leading frontrunner in consumer electronics & high-quality IT peripherals, under the brand ‘Quantum Hi-Tech’ launched its latest ‘Cooling Pad – QHM 350’. The aesthetically designed cooling pad that maxes ergonomics and comfort with the widest adjustable angles is suited best to gamers, coders or editors who have a typical work station. Also the adjustable width settings are designed exclusively for accommodating from notebook to large size notebook, including wide screen with LED silent fan and metal grids. Crafted for better viewing and typing angle, allowing you to work or play on your laptop for prolonged periods without straining your neck, back and wrist.

Built with durable metal mesh design and an aerodynamic design which delivers efficient heat dissipation, it not only provides the airflow needed for optimum performance but also makes your longer hour’s usage comfortable. The metal mesh surface is accompanied by a powerful 1000RPM fan to provide unprecedented airflow making cooling faster and more efficient, keeping the Laptop components running at optimal temperature.

Furthermore, the anti-slip design ensures the note book safety and four rubber feet prevent scratches on any desk. The cooling pad also ensures a slim and smart design for notebook models and its non-skid rubber domes prevent slippage of the notebook. The cooling pad also features two convenient USB 2.0 ports, allowing you to charge additional accessories or even connect a mouse or keyboard. In addition, the Cooling Pad is designed with enclosed, durable construction that protects the internal fan from dust and damage.

The Quantum Cooling Pad is designed to work with any laptop up to 15.6 inches and is compatible with PC and MAC Laptops paired with 365days of Warranty. The product is already available with leading retail stores and ecommerce portals.

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