Springhill Medical Center and Cumberland University Leverage Aerohive and Brocade Flow-based Wired and Wireless Solutions to Simplify Ability to Scale Network Capacity

Bangalore, India, September 7, 2015: AEROHIVE NETWORKS and BROCADE  today announced that Springhill Medical Center and Cumberland University have selected Aerohive and Brocade high-performance, secure, easy-to-manage wired and wireless solutions. The solutions together dramatically simplify the customers’ ability to scale network capacity as their wireless needs grow.

Organizations like Springhill Medical Center and Cumberland University are seeing phenomenal growth in their Wi-Fi infrastructure needs, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets, and wireless devices. At the same time, Wi-Fi technology advances, such as 802.11ac with Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, put severe demand on wired networks. This has necessitated a shift to wired networks with the performance, flexibility, and scalability to grow with enterprises’ changing Wi-Fi needs.

Springhill Medical Center, a full-service hospital in Alabama, selected Aerohive and Brocade solutions to replace its outdated switch infrastructure, support its Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) and Allscripts Sunrise platform, and to anticipate the increasing demands of emerging healthcare technologies. The new network delivers robust, high availability 10 to 40 GbE for critical healthcare applications, while also providing rapid ROI with 30% savings on equipment and significantly reduced maintenance costs. The solutions together also provide unprecedented visibility into network traffic and dramatically simplified network management.

Cumberland University, a private university in Tennessee, needed to replace its network core and edge to support an upgraded wireless network while also delivering high resiliency, performance, and flexibility for future needs. Cumberland replaced its wireless network with Aerohive and Brocade solutions, which now provide a highly scalable network to four campus locations. As a result, Cumberland has been able to improve its students’ BYOD experience, which includes mobile courseware, collaboration tools, and learning resources.

Aerohive and Brocade deliver a best-in-class wired and wireless architecture that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of scalable distributed wireless enterprise environments.

Together, Aerohive and Brocade allow administrators to simplify management and reduce the cost of ownership. The open standards-based Brocade solution provides an excellent foundation for Aerohive’s simple, secure, and scalable Wi-Fi solution.

Aerohive’s scalable distributed architecture allows customers to grow their wireless network from one access point to thousands of access points, and across thousands of locations, with a simple cloud managed mobility platform. The scalable and distributed Brocade chassis architecture eliminates the need to pre-determine capacity and makes painful, expensive rip-and-replace upgrades a thing of the past.

“We were amazed at the configuration and management simplicity of the combined Brocade-Aerohive network solution compared to our old equipment,” said Troy Hopkins, technical services manager, Springhill Medical Center. “Not only do we save time, but also we don’t need specialized experts just to manage the network.”

“The physical classroom that we all know is quickly extending to the cloud so naturally, our students expect convenient access to courseware and learning resources when and where they choose. The Brocade-Aerohive stack allows us to reliably deliver a virtual classroom to students in ways we could not with our legacy infrastructure,” said William Lambert, director of information technology, Cumberland University. “Brocade’s stacking technologies and Aerohive’s decentralized approach to wireless network management provide us with the flexibility and scalability we need to keep pace with the growing array of connected devices, streaming video, and other applications that put increasing pressure on our bandwidth resources.”

“Open standards and support for vendor-neutral protocols are essential attributes of the New IP,” said Jason Nolet, senior vice president, Switching, Routing and Analytics Products Group, Brocade. “Brocade and Aerohive are providing enterprises with mobility solutions based on open standards to realize immediate savings and enable greater network agility.”

“With Aerohive and Brocade, customers like Springhill Medical Center and Cumberland University can scale their networks easily, securely, and affordably as their Wi-Fi needs inevitably grow,” said Bill Hoppin, vice president of business development, Aerohive.
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