Elastifile Raises $35 Million in Series B Round Led by Six Data Center and Storage Industry Leaders

San Jose, Calif.,  January 12, 2016: Elastifile, the all-flash, software-defined storage solution for enterprise and web-scale environments, today announced its series B funding of $35 million. Six data center and server industry leaders have joined Series A investors Battery Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners as strategic investors in the second round.

“The exponential growth of unstructured data presents unique challenges to enterprises actively processing data collected from an ever-widening range of sources,” said David Gussarsky, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners. “Elastifile’s innovative approach to managing unstructured data in a scale-out, flash-optimized solution opens the door to cost effectively deploying business-critical applications requiring flash resources at scale.”

The software-only, all-flash, web-scale file-system object-and-block storage solution is hardware and hypervisor agnostic. Its unique technology expands the usage of software-defined storage beyond the backend for virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure with the addition of enterprise-grade file services like virtualized NAS and object protocols, allowing any enterprise or web-scale application (including SQL databases, big data, etc.) to mount directly from the workload to the shared storage.

“A cost-effective distributed file on flash solution has been a pressing market need,” said Itzik Parnafes, General Partner, Battery Ventures. “Elastifile’s unique and groundbreaking design presents its customers with the first scalable all-flash system providing file, block and object storage to applications at the backbone of day-to-day data center operations.”

Elastifile’s solution scales to thousands of nodes and allows customers to dramatically expand the number of applications they can deploy on flash by providing multi-protocol storage services on flash at a price point below that of many hybrid and hard disk drive-based arrays, while using their choice of hardware. Optimized to existing and new flash and next generation storage devices, Elastifile delivers all-flash performance with unified storage access at a price point of 50 cents per GB ($500 per TB).

“We are pleased to have industry leaders join us as strategic investors, bringing the total investment in the company to almost $44 million,” said Elastifile co-founder and CEO Amir Aharoni. “This additional funding will allow us to aggressively market our unique solution, enabling enterprises to transform the wealth of information gathered as structured and unstructured data into actionable business knowledge.”

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