Arbor Networks enables availability protection for all With industry’s Comprehensive DDoS Defense Portfolio

Bangalore, India, October 15, 2015: Arbor Networks has announced the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products and services for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, delivering unmatched scalability, deployment and cost flexibility to meet the needs of any organization from the world’s largest service providers to small and mid-sized emerging growth businesses.

Arbor Networks President Matthew Moynahan said, “This is the strongest, broadest and boldest DDoS portfolio in Arbor’s history, and it will serve as the platform for our next decade of DDoS market leadership. Our new portfolio scales to meet the needs of the largest service providers, while also providing the deployment and cost flexibility required by the broader enterprise market.” 

Arbor’s portfolio of DDoS protection products and services are designed to meet the multi-dimensional needs of any organization, from smaller emerging growth companies to the largest enterprise and service provider network operators.

Managed Services: Fully managed hybrid, on-premises and in-cloud DDoS protection services.

Deployment Flexibility: From SDN and virtual solutions to embedded security in Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Routers, high density appliances and a global cloud.

Scalability: Starting at sub 100Mbps virtual solutions scaling to 160Gbps appliances to 2Tbps in the cloud.

Protections: From volumetric-only to application-layer and mult-vector attacks to advanced threats; continuously armed with global threat intelligences from ATLAS and ASERT.

Pricing: Managed services subscriptions, perpetual appliances and virtual license pools. 

New Managed Services

  • mAPS is a new managed service for organizations that want to outsource on-premises DDoS protection. mAPS service can be used for on-premises-only deployments, or as part of a fully managed Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection solution allowing organizations to trust their DDoS protection to the industry leader.
  • Arbor Cloud is an industry best practice, multi-layer DDoS defense service. On-premises APS-based mitigation is tightly integrated with 1.5 Tbps today (and up to 2 Tbps in the next two quarters) of Arbor’s global, cloud-based scrubbing centers. Arbor Cloud helps protect enterprises against the full spectrum of DDoS attacks, including volumetric, application-layer, state-exhaustion (e.g., targeting firewall/IPS), and blended, multi-vector DDoS attacks. 

New Virtual Solutions

Arbor Networks has been a software-driven network security company from its inception and has never relied on hardware acceleration, allowing for an easy transition from appliances to full virtualization without a major performance impact.

  • Arbor’s entire DDoS portfolio is now available as a virtual solution for seamless integration of DDoS detection and mitigation from legacy to next-generation SDN/NFV networks.
  • Cisco and Arbor have collaborated to deliver virtual, network-embedded DDoS protection to service provider and enterprise customers. This unique solution – the Cisco ASR 9000 vDDoS Soluton – integrates Arbor’s TMS DDoS mitigation technology within Cisco’s  ASR 9000 routers located at peering points, data centers and the network edge to effectively create a secure perimeter against high-volume attacks. 

Increases in Mitigation Scalability – At High End and Low End

In the past two years very large DDoS attacks have become the norm, enabled by the reflection/amplification capabilities within such disparate network infrastructure components as Domain Name Servers (DNS) and Network Time Protocol (NTP). At the same time, low volume, stealthy application-layer attacks have become ubiquitous, threatening business continuity. Arbor is announcing mitigation scalability enhancements that scale up to handle the very large attacks, and scale down to enable smaller and mid-sized businesses to protect themselves from application-layer threats. 

Arbor Networks APS (formerly Pravail APS) Provides always on, in-line DDoS protection to business continuity and availability from the growing constellation of application-layer threats.

  • A new 2U APS appliance offering a 4X increase in mitigation capacity to 40Gbps, at less cost per gigabit of protection.
  • New virtual APS with flexible licensing enables Sub-1Gbps of mitigation capacity for smaller enterprises.

Arbor Networks TMS (formerly Peakflow TMS) A high capacity solution deployed by global enterprise, cloud and service providers to surgically remove DDoS attack traffic without disrupting key network services.

  • A new TMS 5000 appliance increases mitigation capacity by 2.5X to 100Gbps, at less cost per gig of protection.
  • A  new 2U TMS appliance that increases mitigation capacity by 4X to 40Gbps, at less cost per gig of protection. 


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