LAPCARE Smart 3G Wi-Fi Router positioned specially for SOHO and SMB Segment

LAPCARE-Smart-3G-Wi-Fi-RouterNew Delhi, India, August 05, 2014: LAPCARE, developers of laptop peripherals and accessories for all premium laptop brands, today announced the positioning of its Smart 3G Wi-Fi Router for SOHO and SMB segment. Smart 3G Wi-Fi Router is one of the first and smallest among wireless routers, provides 150 Mbps speed connectivity on the move. Once connected as a hotspot, it can support up to 15 plus Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously. Its auto-connect feature makes it even more likable.

LAPCARE Smart 3G Wi-Fi is a delight for any tech-savvy consumer. The built-in power bank has a 4400 mAh battery to easily charge smartphones, iPhones and tablets. The light weight of 124 gms makes it easy to carry device and can be used anywhere.

It has a wide connection range of upto 30m while using indoors and upto 50m while outdoors. It comes with the bundle of accessories like charging data cable and warranty card in the pack. Another value addition to the on-the-go users is the wireless network and the network speed will depend on the service provider. 

Marketing Head at LAPCARE India Barkha Bosman said, “LAPCARE 3G router was designed by keeping in mind the current trend and usage of customers. Users need more features in one single product and our Smart 3G Wi-Fi Router is a perfect choice. This is a happy moment to see that the router has grabbed the major attention in SOHO and SMB segment and has increased the brand acceptance in the market. We have also received feedbacks in the form of compliments from the users using our LAPCARE Wi-Fi Router. This has filled in more confident in us to go ahead and launch new products.”

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