Biostar launches its latest high end Racing Series B150GT5 Motherboard

Biostar-Racing-Series-B150GT5-MotherboardBiostar announced its latest high end Racing Series B150GT5 Motherboard. The B150GT5 motherboard comes with fastest and most powerful 6th-Generation Intel Core processors and features latest Intel B150 chipset, which lets you smoothly support up to four DDR4 memory modules of speed up to DDR4 and 2133 with capacities of up to 64GB.

B150GT5 offers a seamless performance under the most demanding conditions, featuring support for DDR4 memory, all solid capacitor build and the unique LED DJ & Smart Ear Technology, Racing Series B150GT5 is the first Motherboard with racing design in the World, that promises to make you the center of attention in your Gaming Squad.

Key Features:

Vivid LED DJ: Vivid LED DJ features options for designing LED visual effect on your own. Also, it can perform LED light show, following melody as the music plays.

5050LED Fun: It comes with the exclusive 5050 LED FUN feature for DIY lovers. You can connect LED strip with on-board 5050 header directly and control it via Vivid LED DJ. Its customizable lighting profiles for Normal, Eco, and Sports mode accessible via ECO Touch and Sport Touch onboard buttons.

GT Touch: It features exclusive Sport and ECO Mode. Under Sport mode, the system boosts the performance automatically. Under ECO mode, the system optimizes energy consumption. Besides, users could define onboard LED configuration for ECO and Sport Mode respectively via Vivid LED DJ.

Dual BIOS, Dual Protection: Dual BIOS technology offers a backup BIOS chip to take over the failed main BIOS and recover the system automatically without factory repair.Its more durable and more powerful!

I/O Armor: The Racing I/O Armor protects the I/O panel and electronic components from static electricity, and the streamlined shape serves as a dust guardian, like the F1 racing car.

Gear up enjoyment by Hi-Fi Zone which is designed for best sound quality, movie watching and gaming experience. It also supports multi -display options with VGA, DVI and HDMI output. Furthermore the four USB3.0 ports are available at the rear I/O together with a LAN port powered by an Intel i219V LAN with best superior stability and functionality. The Hi-Fi 8 channels audio is provided by six audio phone jacks.

The new BIOSTAR Racing Series will carry on the exclusive BIOSTAR 6+ Experience feature set which delivers the best BIOSTAR has to offer: Speed+, Audio+, Video+, Durable+, Protection+ and DIY+ News Service

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