Stay Productive, Connected and Healthy at Home; The HONOR Way

Social distancing has become the new normal. As a result, people are spending time indoors with their family, managing Work From Home (WFH) along with their daily chores such as kids and their studies, cooking, cleaning, etc. Alongside, focus on health and wellbeing, and in-house entertainment has become equally, rather more, relevant now. From taking part in online HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to combat stress and anxiety with guided meditation, trying new online games, or using different applications for an effective work-from-home, managing VC for their online classes, etc. people all over the world are finding new ways to keep a tap on their efficiency, entertainment and fitness at home.

Products such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc. have witnessed a lot of meaningful features and innovative technologies in the last few years. Custom designed keeping in mind the need of our Uber Smart and TechChic consumers, these products and features have become essential parts of our life and help individuals track and boost their performance

This tech dominant lifestyle has paved the way for smart life. But, what does smart life look like while we are at home?

Smart and efficient work life, anytime, anywhere

Our homes have become the new workplace and adapting to this new lifestyle means balancing work from home without compromising on the productivity. While working in an office setup ensures that we remain connected with other team members, it becomes a challenge to remain in sync when working away from the team. Smartphones such as the latest HONOR 9X works as a one-step solution for all your work needs even at home. Equipped with the 16MP AI pop up selfie camera and 4000mAh battery, you can easily connect over video calls with your team, without worrying about draining the battery or hazy image. The 16.7 cm (6.59-inch) FHD+ Full View display with 91% screen to body ratio allows you to open your documents, presentations and other emails easily, any time anywhere and gives you a seamless experience.

HONOR smartphones, with its powerful Kirin Chipset, help you to smoothly multitask such as switching from one app to the other while making notes and accessing documents. The smartphones enable you to remain virtually closer and always available to your team members and friends, as you balance between household chores and work, while you stay at home. The HONOR 9X also works as a medium that helps you to remain connected on social media so that you remain updated with the latest news, trending topics and content on news websites and apps, social media platforms and OTT platforms.

The HONOR smartwatches, additionally brings more efficiency while you multi-task, at home. How? With HONOR MagicWatch 2  you can take calls [available on 46mm (4.6 cm) variant only], set alarms and reminders for your urgent VCs and con calls, get instant notifications about messages and work updates when away from phone, while being aligned and updated about the meeting schedules, among other things.

The HONOR MagicWatch 2 is also equipped with other interesting features, such as the idle notification feature that tells you to stretch if you have been working for a long time without any movement. As we are multitasking and trying to cope up with the new normal, a lot of times we might leave our smartphone somewhere and forget about it. Then we aimlessly keep searching for it in the kitchen and all the rooms, under the bed and pillows, etc. till we have found it. Find Your Phone feature comes in handy here as using this one, you can make a call and your smartphone will keep saying “I am here” till you have located it.

The kids are also attending online classrooms these days. They have to sit through the long hours of study sessions, download homework and assignments, browse through information on the internet, etc. Parents will find HONOR Pad 5 Tablets as the perfect companion for their children’s online education and entertainment support. Here’s how. The tablet, available in 10.1-in (25.6 cm) and 8-in (20.3 cm) offers FHD display for the best viewing experience. The Harman Kardon’s Dual Stereo Speakers in 10.1-in variant and Dolby Atmos dual speakers in 8-in variant offers seamless audio experience during the long hours of online sessions.

Moreover, the dedicated features for kids in HONOR Pad 5 such as Children Friendly Content, Fingerprint Access (on 10.1-in variant) and Enhanced Eye Care Modes (Blue Ray Filters, Distance Control Notifications, Posture Guidance, Usage Time Management) ensures that children get safe and uninterrupted learning experience and can study for prolonged hours without worrying about any eye discomforts. The 5,100mAh battery promises uninterrupted study sessions, helping them to concentrate better without rushing to charge the device, after a few hours.

A fresh look on health and fitness

If you stay at home, it’s essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle including proper diet, sleep and exercise to stay active throughout the day. Wearables are reliable fitness companions that closely track your workout performance and provide recommendations on how to meet your goals and improve your performance.

The HONOR MagicWatch 2 tracks sleep quality and can diagnose six different sleep disorders, which helps us to stay fit and healthy. HONOR also brings in SpO2 that helps in monitoring the oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream while assessing how your body is adapting during workouts or at high altitudes.

When it comes to health and fitness, the potential of the IoT is far reaching. We already enjoy the benefits of wearable IoT health devices, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches. These devices can track everything from the steps we’ve taken to the calories we’ve burnt, and measure how well we exercised. It then transfers all this data to the smartphone connected, which allows everyone to keep better tabs on our health and fitness goals. In the recent years, wearables have evolved, to help us monitor our sleeping patterns and heart rate, allowing us to keep our wellbeing in check.

The HONOR Magic Watch 2 additionally brings feature like stress monitoring and the latest female menstrual cycle tracker that helps the users to track their fertility period. The smartwatch also has dedicated fitness modes/ exercises for the users, including an ‘Others’ option – which tracks your exercises that are not part of these dedicated fitness modes such as push ups, skipping etc. The smartwatch helps users to track and give accurate stats as they indulge themselves into their workout session. 

A move towards immersive entertainment

As the digital landscape shifts toward video, the demand for wireless audio devices, such as Bluetooth Earphones, will increase, as people seek convenience and quality. HONOR Sports Pro Bluetooth earphones could be one of the top choices available in the market. It supports upto 18 hours of listening, fast charging and instant pairing with other devices. The Bass phase inverter in HONOR Sport PRO is used to deliver stronger bass via air resonance and the 3mm high-sensitivity driver brings precise sound all the while extending treble to make workout sessions more energetic, as you burn calories while listening to your favorite tunes. For the gaming enthusiasts, it offers game sound low latency technology that reduces the delay of the sound relative to the picture.

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