Bring robots to your home with these five futuristic products

Created and produced by Howard Michael Leeds, popular 1980s sci-fi sitcom “Small Wonder” flawlessly captures the journey of arobotic housemaid Vicky (aka V.I.C.I. or Voice Input Child Identicant)and her interaction with the human world –offeringthe perfect dose of entertainment and frequent bursts of laughter to the audience.It was, perhaps, because of the compelling idea that the sitcom was adapted for Indian television through “KarishmakaKarishma”, which eventually turned out to be yet another success story.

With the recent advancements in science and technology, you can now relive these highly-adored TV serials(partly) by bringing home these robotic devices:

iRobot Roomba 966: A creation of the globally bestselling robotic home cleaning brand, iRobot, Roomba 966 is a powerful Wi-Fi-connected vacuum cleaner that comes loaded with the brand’s patented iAdapt Navigation and visual localization. The smart robo-vacuum cleaner can easily navigate across your house, including the hard-to-access below-couch and under-bed areas, while avoiding obstructions, raised transitions, and potential drop-off regions. The handy, yet powerful, vacuum cleaner has a 3-stage cleaning system and can identify and pull dust, mites, and allergens as small as 10 microns. It specifically targets high-footfall regions that have greater dirt accumulation and scrape embedded dirt and grime. Roomba 966 cancontinuously run for up to 75 minutes and automatically return to its charging cradle under low-battery conditions or when it has finished its cleaning job. The robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled manually, using the iRobot HOME App, and through Amazon Echo home assistant. Bring home Roomba 966 so that you have one less hassle to deal with – that of home cleaning –the next time you’re throwing a party.

Amazon Alexa:A majority of robots can get your job done without making you utter a single word. Well, not all bots are Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a smart home offering developed by global technology giant Amazon that helps you to vocally control your IoT devices and smart appliances installed at your home. The conversational virtual home assistant can also set reminders, read out news, book an appointment, and can even crack a joke if you want it to. All you need to do is give a simple voice command, such as “Alexa, make Roomba clean the living room, set the AC to 20 degrees, and search for interesting Thai recipes on the internet”, and it will get your job done. You can bring home Alexa through Amazon Echo devices. Amazon Echo is available in four variants in India –Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plusand the recently launched Echo Spot.

 Ambrogio L30 Elite: As the saying goes “first impression is the last impression.” The first impression of your home from a guest’s perspective is that of your lawn. You’re well-aware that the luxury of having a lawn comes with the burden of mowing it, which – even using electric mowers – can become quite an exhausting process. It is to do away with this job that Ambrogio has unveiled its robotic lawn mowing offering – L30 Elite. The robo-lawn mower has a working capacity of 1,100 m2 and can easily mow a complex lawn featuring hedges, flower beds, and ponds. Its high-powered, Li-ion batteries extend continuous lawn mowing for up to 2 hours and 30 minutes as well as up to 18 hours of human assistance-free operations. The device has been tested with robotic artificial intelligence and equipped with rain sensor, lift and tilt sensors, overload protection, spiral cutting system, and can manage 4 individual lawn areas by itself. It is remotely operable via mobile application and has an eco-mode as well, making sure that the environment remains as green as your lawn! 

 Braava 390t: Another robotic home cleaning device by iRobot, Braava 390t is something that must always accompany your Roomba 966 at home. Braava products deliver exceptional floor mopping and sweeping to its users by leveraging Pro-clean Reservoir Pad and an array of advanced optical and acoustic sensors. The device has dual cleaning actions, namely single-pass cleaning and triple-pass cleaning (zig-zag motion), that achieve the desired cleaning as per individual needs. It is able to process more than 60 decisions per second. It can also sweep up to 1,000 square feet using the single-pass cleaning motion and up to 350 square feet using triple-pass cleaning motion. You can fill its liquid reservoir with mild solutions or plain water and even use it on hard surface floors such as vinyl, hardwood, and laminate. Household chores with Braava 390t become as easy as switching on the television, or in other words, as easy as a simple touch of a button.

PadBot U1: You always wished you could spend more time and stay closer to your loved ones. A little angel has now answered your call and made it possible for you to do just the same. This little angel (just like Vicky), called PadBot P1, is a telepresence robot that has humanized design with tilting and rising head that enables you to have real-time chats with the person standing on the other side. PadBot U1 has a stretchable fixture, anti-collision and anti-falling systems, a wheeled motion system (enabling you to roam across your house digitally), and an auto-charging mechanism. The telepresence device ensures that you are always available to your nearest and dearest ones and never miss a special moment at your home – even if you’re a thousand miles away. News Service

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