“We have already invested about 8,00,000 INR into the company for the entire marketing and development of the app” by jimit Shah, Finance Captain, Dishant Sanghvi, Marketing Captain and Jinay Shah, Operations Captain

Tell us in brief about your app?

PlayOSport is a mobile application based platform which aims at giving every user a chance to don that old sports jersey and meet people with like-minded sporting interests in and around their area of choice. Its Goal is to eventually become a one-stop sporting solution for all your sporting needs. We want to make sure nobody has a reason to say they cannot play a particular sport due to lack of players or locations. The App aids you in not only meeting new sports players but also gives you access to locations you did not even know existed.


How did you decide to come up with this concept?

We, the founders of PlayOSport used to be avid sports players in our school time and over the course of our college days, no matter what we did our appetite for playing sports reduced due to various reasons such as lack of spaces, not finding enough players. We almost gave up playing the sports that would motivate us and make us feel fresh. We wanted to make sure this does not happen to anybody else and sports as a curriculum/activity is encouraged and instilled in all our systems and routines.

What are the challenges you faced building this app?

Understanding the technology is hard. Also to make sure that a user must have an almost seamless experience and understand what is happening on the screen the way you have conceptualised it is one difficult task. One may make a wireframe according to your thinking, but there will be endless people seeing it in a completely different way, that is the biggest challenge while building an app.

How did you over come those challenges?

It’s a simple trial and error method. Takes up a lot of time and effort but to make sure the user gets the optimum output, you have to do it. We would make different people from different mindsets, age groups, interests try the app and would take their reviews into consideration through which we would try to better the system.

How much money have you invested in the company so far?

We have already invested about 8,00,000 INR into the company for the entire marketing and development of the app.

Explain us in brief the benefits of this app to an individual?

The major benefit to an individual is, one will never not be able to play a sport they want to. To list it out,

One will never short fall of players and will be able to find and play with players who have similar sporting interests.

Places/Venues even in your neighbourhood that you did not have access to will suddenly become your playgrounds. Eg: A park in a building that you don’t currently have any friends in.

Stay updated about all the local tournaments that are happening around you to compete and win.

Find & Book playgrounds to play at from our comprehensive list of venues.

Make new friends everyday to play the sport you love.

So far, how many users playOsport has?

PlayOSport as on today has about 1500 users which are all from Mumbai spread across android and iOS the two platforms on which our app is live. You can download the app now and start playing:

Android – https://goo.gl/eOUuMz
iOS – https://goo.gl/3J48Zi

Where do you see yourself in next three years?

We see ourselves as becoming an app on every sports playing individuals smartphone in every city that either faces a space or time crunch. We want to become a one-stop solution for the word sports. Everything that is related to sports will be available on our app over the course of the next few years.

What are your expansion plans?

As of now we are marketing the app, only in Mumbai. But we are soon to launch the app in multiple cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad. In the upcoming features, we have a coaches tab that will help one find a coach for any kind of activity they are looking for and also a newsfeed which will make it a sort of social media to share sports related stuff.

Give us a brief detail about founders of the company?

The founders of the company are young, dynamic and foolish if you must say. They aim to bring about a change and make sports a part of every individuals routine. The dream of making PlayOSport a sports solution app is etched in their minds to accomplish which they have complete motivation & dedication.

Any additional information you would like to share?

We would like the readers to at least go and try the app, be the skipper of their own game. Check out our app and our social media handles to know more about the app:

PlayOSport Website :  www.playosport.com

PlayOSport Social Media:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PlayOSportApp/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playosport

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