“We believe in being a master of one and not jack of all trades”- Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Co-Founder of CNBTEK

Co-founder-of-CNBTEK-Rajesh-KumarTell us more about CNBTEK?

CNB is a hardware-software product company focusing on shipping logistic industry. They have developed a unique and cost effective solution, globally, to manage and plan a container yard in real time using their IOT (Internet Of Things) platform. The solution is used for managing the complete yard by recording all the activities happening inside a container yard in a fully automatic manner. There are no manual interventions, whatsoever, in recording these data, this is why it is error free.

Please provide a detailed description of the latest technology that CNB is offering to the ports? And how it will benefit them?

As of now we are focussing only on one domain that is container yard management. We are a company that is open to the latest technology that is available in the market or also developing one as need may be. We identify the needs of the system/organisation and develop a solution which fits best as per the requirement of the client.

For identification we work around RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) and OCR(Optical Character Recognition). Barcode could also be used for developing identification technology. For location, we use GPS and PDS(position detection system). We also formulate technology for transferring data from one device to another using Wifi and Cellone network.

We choose different versions of technologies for different clients as per their requirements. It is done by the R&D team, who have expertise in all the above mention technologies.

What is the biggest challenge that the new technology has brought for CNB and how are you coping with it?

Till now we have not faced any challenges but in future we are prepared for competitors. We provide the best of services to the clients since our team strives to develop expertise in what they do. We are the only company across the globe who provides automated data capturing solutions and that is why we have world’s top yard operators as our clients as we always incorporate the new technology in our services.

What other services CNBTEK offers?

We believe in being a master of one and not jack of all trades. So, We have just one product that manages the complete yard and yes, there are few versions of the same product based on the accuracy of information and some related advance modules. The product is called “Hawk”. This is unique in terms of the way it captures the data. There is no solution in the world that guarantees 100% identification of the containers but ours does. That is why world’s top shipping and logistic companies are among our customers.

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