“Covid-19 has disrupted every industry & business, and there is huge digital void for businesses to quickly shift to online” – By, Mr. Sanjeev Singhai, Founder of WellnessTA

"Covid-19 has disrupted every industry & business, and there is huge digital void for businesses to quickly shift to online" - By, Mr. Sanjeev Singhai, Founder of WellnessTA 1Can you take us through your company’s profile and its USP’s in Health & Wellness Market.
Wellnessta is a 1st of its kind platform. It’s not just a market place, but also a SaaS software which help business owners/ managers run their business more efficiently.  For consumers, it’s a marketplace just like Amazon/ MakeMyTrip to book Personal Grooming, Fitness and Wellness services like Saloon, Spa, Gym etc. For services providers, Wellnessta will enable online bookings and provide software to manage their booking, coupon, expenses, employee & inventory efficiently at a fraction of the cost.
Who do you believe to be your Competitor/Competition in your field, if any ? And, what’s your orientation towards the same?
Since Wellnessta has two vertical – Marketplace and SaaS software – it makes us quite different from our competition, who usually have only one vertical. When it no comes to Marketplace, there are no aggregator in this industry and our competition is with listing & coupon website such as Justdial, NearBuy etc. and when it comes to SaaS software we are competing with premium & expensive software from Zenoti, MySalon etc. To drive trials and adaptation we are going to focus on delivering Value to our customers both at consumer & vendor front.
What are your revenue models and your expectation towards the financial growth of business post covid-19 crisis (1-3yrs)?
Wellnessta is SaaS software which come at a monthly subscription fees (though we offer a free trail package also, but the functionality is limited). Apart from that we’ll generate revenue from commissions on booking made through our platforms and user convenience fee. We also have wide range of marketing services which will help vendor increasing their digital presence and business.
Covid-19 has disrupted every industry & business, and there is huge digital void for businesses to quickly shift to online. No wonder Covid-19 is proving as a blessing for E-comm businesses globally. People have become very conscious about safety & hygiene and in such as scenario Wellnessta verified outlets, will provide assurance of quality, which consumers are looking for. On an overall level, we believe the environment is very conductive for us to launch Wellnessta.
How your advanced Saas Based Cloud Software system is better and helping to narrow the market gap between Service Providers and customers? What is the ice-breaker by WellnessTA? Pls, elaborate.
Wellnessta platform is built using latest technologies and best practices. It intent to digitise the smallest of the vendor with its appointment management system and enable them to directly get online customer bookings. But, SaaS software is not bridge between consumer and service provider. SaaS software is solely for Vendors. Wellnessta as a Marketplace will bridges the gap between the consumer and service provider.
And the reason we’ll be able to narrow the gap is because we offering Convenience to consumers. People will no longer prefer to call and book appointments, they would rather open a app and book a slot at place and time of their choice. Apart from convenience, consumers will get best offers on Saloon and Spa booking on Wellnessta, they we’ll earn reward points as they spend which can be redeem on platform.
What are the other aspects including the Covid-19 that is compelling Health & Wellness Service Vendors to adapt internet/Digital market platform?
Covid-19 has compelled consumers to look for ways and means which has less physical contact. Consumers now don’t want to go to a Salon and wait in a Q for their turn. Also revenues at the vendor level has fallen down drastically and they are under tremendous pressure to find new ways of getting business. We believe need of Online Bookings has never been this dire at vendor level. No wonder though we have yet not launched our consumer website but 500+ vendors has already registered their business ion Wellnessta. So, now technology is gushing it way in health and wellness sector.
What are the Changing Face Of Online/ Internet Health & Wellness Market due to covid-19 crisis globally
In the last 10 years internet has become extremely ubiquitous and it has impacted our lives at an exceptional rate. They have changed how individuals socialize, look for data, tune in to music, request food, and shop and all this has made our lives more convenient. Nowadays, there is an app for everything. You have Zomato to order food, you have MakeMyTrip to book flight & hotels, Bookmyshow to book cinema etc. But in the space of Health and Wellness this space is well filled. We intend to fill this space.
How Wellnessta is revolutionizing the Personal Grooming and Wellness industry’s in India?
There is no such aggregator where all personal grooming, fitness or wellness space are offered one roof. With Wellnessta we want to fill this void.
Our aim is to:
Digitise day to day business needs at the vendor end
All the Service Providers should be able to get online bookings
Offer convenience of choosing and booking to consumers

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