“Felink foccuses on helping users solve problems and to fulfill their needs in terms of phone usage”- Mr. Tom BR Chen, co-founder, Felink

1.  Please tell us more about Felink Technology?

Founded in 2010, Felink Technology is a large Chinese web services company. A spin off from Baidu, Felink is dedicated to providing more efficient and more convenient mobile internet usage, with a vision of being the most influential mobile application developer. Since its foundation, the organization has successfully launched several products, including home screen landscaping tools like 91 Launcher, Dianxin Launcher and system management tools, 91 Screen Lock, 91 Contacts to name a few.

It also offers life service application like AlmanacWeather. Among all the products, 91 Launcher ranks first place in third-party mobile phone home screen landscaping apps with a total number of 300 million users. In the year 2015, Felink expanded its overseas markets to include among them India. So far, we have released Dorado Genius,  91 Launcher, Pixel Phone, InWallpaper, Hindu Weather Calendar, Dorado clean, Share U apps in India. To consolidate the market share of India, Felink has also formed utility app matrix and intends to move to content app matrix and emphasize on content app developing.

2.  What is Dorado apps?

Dorado is the overseas brand of Felink. The Dorado series include: Dorado Genius,Pixel Phone,91Launcher,InstaWallpaper,Hindu Weather,Calendar,Dorado clean and Share U. The various fuctions of our apps are-

Dorado Genius supports file transfer from features phones to smart phones. Hindu Weather Calendar combines weather report and Hindu calendar together. 91Launcher, a home screen landscaping tool, provides more than 250 thousand themes, fulfilling the user’s need of mobile phone launching beautification. Pixel Phone, a dial tool  supports contacts management, dual SIM, blacklist and customized themes.

InWallpaper, a high quality screen wallpaper. Dorado clean, cleans the  system cache.

3.  How it is different from its competitors?

Felink aims to be the most influential mobile application developer. With over 50 national intellectual properties, Felink plays a leading role in the industry and has accumulated rich experience in Chinese mobile internet app development. In China we have successfully launched several products like 91 Launcher, Dianxin Launcher, 91 Screen Lock, Almanac Weather, etc.

Felink has laid a solid foundation and their China operations run very well. This is a great base for global expansion. The company has a team of talented people who are very experienced in the mobile internet market. Felink aims to use their understanding of their users and apply their knowledge to the Indian mobile internet market to bring more practical and useful tools.

4.  Please tell us more innovations in Felink Technology.

Felink foccuses on helping users solve problems and to fulfill their needs in terms of phone usage. Every product of ours is specially designed for a specific group of users. Before releasing apps in India, we did a lot  of research and had innovated some new features specially for Indian users. Dorado Genius solves data transfer problems from features phones to smart phones. When we found that there were few apps in Google Play supporting moving data from features phones to Android  phones, we developed Genius.

Then we bought some common feature phones from India to test the function for Bluetooth and java client. Pixel Phone, a dial manager fulfills the need of business man. We bought this product from another company who charged for its usage, we decided to make it a free product. We thought the product was suitable for the Indian market, especially with its dual sim feature. Hindu Weather Calendar, an app that is specially designed for Indian market, combines detailed weather information and Hindu Calendar. Weather and calendar, two independent scenarios but closely related are well integrated in the app. We had created a similar app in China which was highly successful, therefore we thought it would be suitable for the Indian market as well.

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