“Dolby On app has many features for musicians and content creators to use” – By, Mr. Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director Marketing, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories

"Dolby On app has many features for musicians and content creators to use" - By, Mr. Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director Marketing, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories 1What are the expectations from the android launch? Any set number of target downloads in a month?

Musicians and content creators today don’t have an easy way to capture great sound. They have two choices: easy or good. Good is rarely easy, and easy is seldom good. Dolby On is changing that with an easy-to-use free app powered by over 50 years of audio innovation. With the Dolby On app, musicians and content creators can now capture their ideas and inspirations, as they strike, and then turn them into shareable content for their friends and collaborators, in amazing Dolby sound. Within a few hours of the app being made available on the Android Google Play Store in India, we have had multiple downloads and we wish to continue with the momentum.

What has been the response from the iOS users regarding the app?

Dolby On is an app which easily records audio and video with superior audio quality using just your phone, so you can capture the moment when it strikes with incredible Dolby sound. Hear the difference that Dolby On makes in these user-generated clips (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IK-DUMD7miSeL9ARmPaFNAZG8OgsKxoh/view). Featuring multiple genres and use cases, you’ll hear what videos sound like using your default camera app vs. the processing power of Dolby On

Which photo filters like on Instagram, do you think will be most used and why? 

Dolby On app has many features for musicians and content creators to use. For example, by Tapping ‘Sound tools’ on your track you can customize six preset Styles. You can attenuate or turn off noise reduction, adjust treble, mids, bass, and boost or trim a track to the perfect length.  Some of the Key Feature of the App include

  1. Hear the Details: Lose the background noise with Dolby’s original music innovation: noise reduction. No more electrical hum, amp buzz, or fan noise.
  2. Stand Out: Compression and pro-limiting optimize your volume — making you stand out on platforms like Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and more.
  3. Add Shape and Depth: Dolby On’s proprietary dynamic EQ automatically adapts to your music, and stereo widening expands your sound beyond mono – allowing you to hear every instrument.
  4. Make It Your Own: Use our custom designed Styles- like photo filters for audio- to color your sound, or go deeper with bass, treble, boost, and track trim controls.
  5. Sound Great, Simply: Powerful and advanced audio processing with the touch of the record button.

The trick with Dolby On is that a creator actually doesn’t HAVE TO do anything other than just hit record- the app makes recordings sound good automatically. That said, when we talk to creators about what they like about the app we often hear that it comes down to the clarity of the sound. This is the result of all of these processes working together, and from there we give users the ability to tailor things a bit to their liking via our audio styles.

We also find that users really like the flexibility we give them to integrate Dolby On into their existing workflows, and we do this by providing a whole list of different ways to take content from the app and send it elsewhere. 

Is Dolby On only aimed at musicians or anyone who wants to put some video content out there?

The Dolby On app is for creators, primarily in music, vlogging, and podcasting who use their mobile devices as a part of their creative process and value great sound. This is a tool that musicians and content creators will find very useful to capture content for themselves, for sharing with collaborators, or for sharing with their social media audience.

Dolby On is for anyone that needs better sounding recordings -audio and video – from their phone. Musicians are one of the bigger groups that falls into this category of people, but we have users that are vloggers, journalists, podcasters, etc.

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