“CamScanner is the most widely used scanning app in the world”- By, Mr. Micheal Zhen, CEO, CamScanner

How big is the Indian Market for CamScanner?

Indian is a very important market in the development of CamScanner. In India, we have nearly 100 million users, and users in India support us so much, providing a lot of valuable advice to the development team of CamScanner. As early as 2015, we had in-depth cooperation with ICICI, the second largest bank in India, to provide passport recognition technology for the bank’s app. In the future, we also look forward to in-depth cooperation with more teams and enterprises in India. 

What kind of market share CamScanner is eyening in Indian Market?

CamScanner is the most widely used scanning app in the world. Whether you are a teacher, school students, white-collar workers, lawyers and doctors, such an efficient product may be needed. In Indian market, 7.6% of the population is using CamScanner now. As a developer, we are glad to see that this app is recognized by everyone, and it brings convenience and efficiency to user’s work and life. 

Investment and Expansion plans of CamScanner in Indian Market?

The Indian market is one that we attach great importance to. At present, the next plan of the product is to introduce more functions suitable for the Indian market. Our main target groups are teachers, school students, white-collar workers, lawyers and doctors. Under the new suite, the Indian users can now generate electronic copies of their utility documents such as identity cards, licenses etc. in 1:1 ratio. We pay great attention to the user experience in the Indian market, and hope our users can provide suggestions for CamScanner.

What new functions / features CamScanner will add keeping Indian Audiences in mind?

In short, we developed this product to improve working and studying efficiency. For example, Team Edition can share materials within the team, which greatly reduces the time cost of transferring files between team members. A large number of users in India is students. For them, shooting books, slides or other learning materials are their main usage scenarios. So, we launched the book mode, including automatic edge cropping, automatic page splitting, keyword search. In addition, we have optimized our products for users who use Hindi, to provide a more comfortable using experience.




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