“At this moment we are not looking at raising funds” – By, Mr. Anushhraay Jalan, Managing Partner, BIGin

  1. "At this moment we are not looking at raising funds" - By, Mr. Anushhraay Jalan, Managing Partner, BIGin 1What is unique about your Start-up? What is the need you are addressing in the market?

There seems to be a huge influx of digital marketing companies popping up at every nook and corner. Differentiation has been a key determining factor in all cases as every brand gets pitches for various agencies, eventually selecting those agencies that are creative and result driven. Again the basics of selection.

Our value addition comes in as we have an in house production setup adding a lot of value in terms of content as the entire bandwagon has shifted towards dynamic content. Generally the same gets outsourced to third party companies but keeping it in house allows the content to be controlled ensuring better quality output with an aligned message.

  1. What is your Business Model? Please share numbers of founders, vendors/Product/services offered and current Business size.

There are 3 partners in the company. We offer a spectrum of services right from content creation, to creating digital strategies and eventually executing the same. Currently we are catering to 30+ companies and are on our way to grow another 100 percent this financial year.

  1. Are you looking to raise any funds? What are your plans to use this funding for?

At this moment we are not looking at raising funds.

  1. Any investor talk? Have you had to pivot your business in any way that has worked for you

We met a few investors and they seemed very interested as our business has always been CAGR+, way ahead of the benchmarks set in our industry.

  1. What is your current team size? How do you keep your team motivated?

We are a team of 26 people.

We have a system of a biannual review adding value to every employee working with us, as every 6 months they would have an opportunity to get an increment.

In addition to this we organise off sites twice a year, providing respite to employees and an opportunity to unwind with the other employees.

  1. What is your office culture like?

We have a democratic office culture, allowing employees to voice their opinions, keeping a curb on any kind of backlash.

  1. Tell us about your Entrepreneurial journey? What has been your biggest learning from it?

Having come from 3 varied backgrounds, Param- with a chemistry and management degree, Gurangad with a financial markets degree and Anushhraay with a law and accounting and finance degree brings about 3 varied backgrounds together bringing about different perspectives to the way business functions. Since the onset we have divided our duties preventing any area of dispute.

We have further evolved, to learn new avenues to ensure growth remains unaffected.

In the last 2.5 years of Business we have experienced a huge gambit of experiences. From raising capital by doing events to being self sufficient, we have learnt all the tricks and trades to keep the business sustainable and to grow organically through the various economic upheavals.

Learning is covered in point 9

  1. Some Business fundamental that you strongly believe in and would never want to change?

Always pay your vendors/employees on time as there is a huge credibility that gets built, resulting in mutual respect.

Be honest and transparent in your dealings as it leads to a lot of clarity and mental well being. Compliance and due diligence is key to make a business grow, hence the importance of licensing is something that can never be undermined.

  1. Any start-up lessons you will like to give entrepreneurs?

Hire carefully. This is something we have observed with our initial recruitments. Having a good HR professional is key as it’s the people that makes a company grow. Haphazard hiring leads to poor output resulting in a downward trend to a business. The quicker a business realizes this, the faster would be the growth of the business.

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