WickedLeak launches Wammy Passion X Hydrophobic phone

WickedLeak-Hydrophobic-phone-Wammy-Passion-XNew Delhi, India, March 01, 2014: WickedLeak has unveiled Wammy Passion X , packed with incredible features like Octa Core Processor and Aqua Protect Technology. It is the world’s first Super Hydrophobic phone and first OCTA Core phone by WickedLeak.

Talking about features, Wammy Passion X boasts of a beautiful 5-inch Full HD display, with blazing fast performance of MediaTek Octa Core Processor, and the 13 megapixel Full HD camera—all while delivering great battery life with the help of 2500mah Battery. In addition, Wammy Passion X comes with Dual Sim, a new AquaProtect technology, Full HD camera, and Android 4.2 OS.

In terms of sturdiness, Wammy Passion X is designed with an Aluminium Magnesium frame enclosure that looks and feels so premium and solid in your hand. Wammy Passion X comes with all the features customers would love to have in their Smartphone.

Furthermore, The MediaTek True Octacore Processor (MTK6592) provides incredible performance and power efficiency. So almost everything one does on Wammy Passion ‘X’ is blazing fast, right from launching apps and loading web pages to downloading email attachments.

Talking about display and camera, Wammy Passion X features a stunning 5-inch Full HD IPS display and a 13 megapixel Full HD camera and 5 mp front cameras. The camera is even better with features like LIVE PHOTO (Harry potter effect), Motion Capture and Voice Capture. Besides, it also includes 2GB RAM, 16GB internal Memory (Expandable up to 64GB) Security wise the face unlock feature of Android has received a boast in Wammy Passion X.

The USP of Wammy Passion X is that it is powered by AquaProtect Technology which makes it probably the world’s first True Hydrophobic Smartphone. AquaProtect Technology is a specialized process that applies a liquid repellent substance inside and out of the Wammy Passion X. Thus, with the help of AquaProtect, the cell phone has the sustenance power of more than 30mins in water and any water based liquid which makes the cell phone even more appealing.

Founder of WickedLeak Aditya Mehta said, “It is simply revolutionary and comparatively amazing. Aquaprotect waterproofing solution gets rid of the ugly case which makes most phones bulky .Infact it doesn’t affect the look of the device at all. AquaProtect nano coating procedure coats all the internal and external components of a device with water-resistant molecular layer which is invisible to the naked eye (1/1000th the size of the Human hair). The result being that AquaProtect will survive most splashes and quick dips that would instantly destroy most smartphones. We see aquaprotect becoming and industry standard in the near future.”

Pricing and Availability: 

Priced at Rs 22,500 only, Wammy Passion ‘X’ is currently available for booking at WickedLeak’s website http://www.wickedleak.org/ To view the latest technology of Aqua Protect,please refer to  the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPMw1PBAsnw&list=UUPCWq6tefveUSacMEfyAi6A&feature=c4-overview

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