UltraProlink unveils the ‘PPP’ range of Smart Travel Accessories

UltraProlink-PPP-range-of-Smart-Travel-AccessoriesUltraProlink has launched the ‘PPP’ range of smart travel accessories. The PPP range ensures that your smart gadgets are Protected, Powered (charge & Data) and optimally Perform (access & functionality) on the go! From utilities like organizer, power solutions to enhancements like Headphone splitters UltraProlink accessories ensure that your gadgets seamlessly transition from home/office to a travel environment.

“Holidays are like milestones in our lives – the memories last a lifetime and sometimes beyond. The UltraProlink range of travel accessories ensure that the experience is pleasant as far as your gadgets are concerned. They (smart gadgets) are fully functional and at your disposal anytime, anywhere. These accessories are smart and elegant as your gadgets are – the transition is seamless not just in utility but also in style and good looks!” says Pankaj Mirchandani, Managing Partner, RCA (Owner of UltraProlink brand)

UltraProlink Transit:  The first step is to carry all the accouterments of your smart gadgets and of course the gadgets, themselves! Instead of scattering them across the luggage, the UltraProlink Transit is a smart alternative to ensure that your gadgets are safely and smartly packed for the travel. There is space and provision for everything – SD cards, SIM Cards, Power & Data cables, Powerbanks, Travel Chargers, Earphones etc. – all these smartly pack into the slick ‘Transit’ (size 10 x 25 x 5 cms). The anti-slip nylon chords and double zipper secure your expensive gadgets along with essential accompaniments, smaller pockets have been provided for memory products or short cables Transit is a smart organizer so deigned that it allows for quick packing and unpacking and easy access to any of the contents at any time.

  • Colors: Black
  • Price: INR 799 (Advise to check online price/best deals)

The UltraProlink ‘Superstar’ Headphone Splitter: Listening to a melody in the lap of nature with your partner is one of the most iconic romantic moments idolized by numerous romantic movies since time immemorial. And if it is for real that you are hand-in-hand with your beloved enjoying the song unhindered by ambient sound, delivered straight to you ears – the experience is bound to be ethereal! For this you need a ‘SUPERSTAR’ – The UltraProlink Superstar is a 5-Way 3.5 mm splitter that provides an innovative way to share and mix your music.

The uniquely designed Superstar is a Sound Splitter with one hard-wired connection for any audio source like an MP3 player or smartphone, or portable DVD players. It features 5 jacks that can be connected to headsets or any music source like MP3 players & Smartphones to hear your friend’s playlist or add another MP3 player to mix songs and listen to songs together. If you play an instrument, you can attach a headset and the instrument’s output to the splitter and play along (and sing along) with the music. The package includes a 3.5-mm-to-3.5-mm cable to connect another music source

Creative Uses:

Plug in upto 5 headphones and listen to the same source

Plug in upto 5 speakers and listen to the same source

Plug in upto 5 music sources like MP3 players or smartphones and use it as a mixer to phase in and phase out the music

  • Compatibility: Works with any audio device that has a 3.5mm output jack.
  • Price: INR 599  (Advise to check online price/best deals)

UltraProlink UL0038 ‘Mini Combo’ – 2-in-1 Android/iOS (Lightening port) charge & sync cable: “I am on android”. “I am on iOS” – common phrases these days. Since each individual is special and makes a unique choice of gadget platforms, it becomes a pain managing the numerous data/charging cables. Another pain point is that when used with powerbanks what does one do with that extra length besides wrap it up. The UltraProlink Mini Combo puts you at ease as with this single cable you will be able to charge and transmit data for Android and iOS devices. And it’s the perfect length to carry your powerbank along. This cable supports maximum 2.4A current output and 480Mbps data sync, which is good enough for a smartphone or a tablet. The Flat cable renders it tangle-free & the unique inter loop design will ensure none of the connectors ever get lost. The UltraProlink accessories are OEM certified accessories and perform as good as the OEM supplied ones. With UltraProlink UL0038 Mini Combo Android/iOS (lightening port) charge & sync cable you can do so much more, while carrying much less wires!

  • Compatibility: Android & iOS – Tablets & Smartphones
  • Size: 20cm or powerbanks
  • Price: INR 399 (Advise to check online price/best deals)

UltraProlink UL0032 Combo Cable, the 1M variant, is available in white color and priced at INR 499 (Advise to check online price/best deals)

The UltraProlink World Travel Adaptor + Charger with Dual USB: The most hassle-free and safe way to charge your expensive gadgets. The UltraProlink World Travel Adaptor + Charger with Dual USB will address your power needs anytime and anywhere. The product works in more than 150 countries. Apart from regular plug points, the UltraProlink World Travel Adapter + Charger has two 2.1 USB ports to fast charge your Tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles and other smart gadgets. The UltraProlink World Travel Adapter + Charger is a convenience product. It frees you from carrying clumsy set of wires and bulky adapters while travelling. All you need to carry along are a couple of USB wires (quality options are available in UltraProlink range of products). These will be good for most gadgets. If you still need traditional plug points, these too have been built into this palm-sized product. There are no pins jutting-out, as they can be conveniently folded and all you pack in is a sleek cube-sized adapter.

  • Compatibility: All popular gadgets and smartphones
  • Price: INR 1499 (Advise to check online price/best deals)

UltraProlink Universal Car-mounts: UltraProlink offers a comprehensive range of car-mounts that are compatible with most leading smartphone/phablet brands. Each variant in the range  – Robot, Maestro, Gooseneck, Slider or Vento is high on functionality and style. The versatile mounts can be deployed on the windscreen, the Dashboard or the AC vent. Whether you own an efficient 4 incher or an expensive 6 incher/ Samsung, Apple, Micromax, Microsoft or any other brand, there is an UltraProlink car-mount for you! Access the Internet, navigate, check-out What’s App/Facebook/LinkedIn, enjoy your favorite music, email, games, apps etc. the UltraProlink car-mounts ensure full access to your gadget on the go. Once securely mounted, all models offer the USP of Single Hand Operation.

Compatibility: Compatible with all leading smartphone brands

Price: INR 399 onwards (Advise to check online price/best deals)

Availability & warranty

The UltraProlink travel accessories come with a manufacturer warranty of 6 months to One year and are available across all the major centers like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, & Lucknow. Consumers can buy the products from large format outlets like Croma, Jumbo, Spencers, & most of the Apple Premium stores across the country and at leading ecommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM, Shopclues.com, Infibeam, etc. UltraProlink products also sell from major travel retailers at airports and metro stations like Buddy Retail’s Gadget Point, Relay and WHSmith.

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