WK Life launches its BD370 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

WK life has launched its BD 370 wireless earphone that allows you to have your share of daily fun without the trouble of managing messed up wires; gym, dance, run or do any sort of physical activity with BD 370 wireless headphone. This amazing wireless headphone can be used for the time period of 8-10 hours after charging it for almost 2 hours. It comes in three different colour options: Black, white & silver. The device has several other exciting features like:

WK life BD 370 wireless earphone

  • You can take pictures with headphones by pressing twice the volume (+) button for few seconds quickly.
  • It is compatible with the Android as well as ios’ newest versions of the mobile phones.
  • It has three buttons plus and minus button of volume and another call button. The call button function to receive or disconnect a call, play and pause music, and it also works as the power button to switch on and off the headphones. Whereas, the volume button can be used to control volume, to change the music tracks and to pair with the devices around.
  • Inbuilt-rechargeable battery, it has the USB 5V outlet which when plugged on to charging port shows Red light.

These headphones are of high quality, compatible, attractive, and convenient to use. WK life has always been very advanced and innovative with their gadget styles and BD 370 Bluetooth wireless headphones surely don’t disappoint you as well.

Price: 2100/-

Availability: It is exclusively available at WK Life store DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh and Kamla Nagar, New Delhi.

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