LG X BOOM Handy – your perfect vacation partner

Travelers today are on a mission to seek entertainment options that are convenient and versatile. They seek solutions that enable them to have a well-rounded travel experience along with giving them options for better connectivity as suited to their needs and preferences.

Modern technology has enabled travelers to get more creative and indulge in their hobbies while on the go. LG has a host of products that are reliable and entertaining travel partners. These gadgets are a great mix of usability and reliability The LG X Boom Handy portable speaker is one such example. It is a must have gadget for any traveler who can’t do without listening to music. Be it a picnic with friends or family or a sole trip to a land far away, the X Boom speaker is an ideal travel companion for everybody. Often these speakers are the life of a party since they provide a premium audio experience to the listeners. They set the right mood and ambience for any place and provide the much sort-after relaxation to the users.

The most unique and compelling characteristic of the exciting X Boom Handy Speaker is its portability feature. The X Boom speaker has a built-in telescoping handle and recessed wheels which allows it to be unbelievably portable. This functionality rightly gives it the name “Grab and Go speaker”. With this speaker in their travel kit, the travelers have an accessibility to music anytime and anywhere on-the-go.

The enhanced acoustics and the innovative design of this speaker ensures a comprehensive sound system solution to the users. Another great feature of the speaker is that it has a built-in rechargeable battery that can run upto 15 hours. Listeners can enjoy the musical experience in any setting specially outdoors without the worry of having to charge it often. The speakers also have another exciting fun element with a karaoke option. This feature can reduce the sound of the vocals from any song and allow the users to sing their own version. The key changer allows you users to transpose the key by clicking on the buttons. One can also connect the X Boom Handy with a smartphone using the Bluetooth option and listen to their favorite songs. The speaker in fact has a multi-bluetooth connectivity which connects 3 bluetooth phones at the same time allowing a bunch of friends to play their favourite songs together. The speaker has a USB Port that plays music from USB Drive. It also allows users to charge their phones from the port, a feature which is a great add-on for travelers.

The X-Boom ‘Handy’ Speaker is a solid-entertainment packed gadget that lives up to its name. The exceptional sound and wireless connectivity make this the perfect travel companion. The pioneering design and sturdy finish along with the telescoping handle make it one of its kind speaker. Be it a picnic on the mountain side or a bunch of friends hanging out at the beach, the X Boom speaker is a traveler’s delight and every music fanatics go-to item.

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