High Quality Portable Speakers Under 100

Looking for high-quality audio output from a portable speaker without having to churn out lots of money? There are many top-end brands that provide a number of Portable Speaker Under 100 to meet your needs. Here is a list of affordable portable speakers you cannot ignore when looking for the best option for yourself.

1. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof

The JBL Flip 3 Splashproof produces excellent sound quality. It is the perfect party speaker that can connect with up to 3 smart devices with Bluetooth. The rubber encasing supported by fabric makes it a rugged portable speaker. It produces amazingly powerful stereo sound.

Powered by a 3,000 mAH Li-Ion battery, it can keep producing pounding and clear music for up to 10 hours. Use it around the pool, beach or in the rain due to the Splashproof technology. The JBL Flip 3 produces one of the best bass outputs. This portable speaker costs around $94.

2. Jabra Solemate

Jabra Solemate is a lightweight and uniquely designed portable speaker that can be readily identified by its shoe design. Weighing just 21 Oz, it supports 8 hours of playtime. It has 3.5mm and micro-USB connectivity so that you can charge your devices. Excellent sound quality and deep bass make this speaker a good companion. It costs just around $53.

3. Jawbone Mini Jambox

It is one of the most recommended portable speakers under $100. The Mini Jambox stands out for its convenience and functionality. It produces crystal-clear audio and features a speakerphone allowing you to take calls. Its battery can last up to 10 hours. It is the perfect speaker if you want to become a DJ. Multi Play feature allows you to connect 2 speakers to enhance the effect. Use the Jawbone app to personalize the experience. It comes at a price of around $55.

4. TDK Life on Record A33

The A33 has subtler looks but it is a surprisingly powerful and feature-packed portable speaker that comes at under $100. It may weight around 59 Oz and has a battery life of 6 hours, its audio quality is among the best. It also has excellent weatherproof capabilities.

Rugged construction and weatherproofing means you can take it anywhere. It delivers high quality audio at the low, mid and high range. The A33 is available at just $56.

5. UE Roll 360

Lightweight and convenient, the UE Roll 360 is readily recognizable by its unique UFO-like design. It has around 9 hours of battery life and weighs just 12 Oz. It makes music listening convenient and simpler when you go on the trail. The high-quality sound output will not distort even when you up the levels. It comes at a price of around $70.

6. Logitech X300

Another lightweight portable speaker, the Logitech X300 weighs just 12.5 Oz. It is not the subtle design that will win your heart, but its sound quality and features.

There is no sound distortion even when it is played at the max. Logitech uses a special signal processing feature to prevent overloading. This high-quality output comes at a reduced battery life of 5 hours. The X300 is priced at $57 and it is a steal at that price.

7. Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell 2.0

Weighing just around 10 Oz and with a battery-life of up to 16 hours, the Turtle Shell 2.0 is the ultimate in ease and playtime. Enhanced features and easier controls make it a standout. It is designed to produce mid-range bass. Play high volumes in the mid and high ranges and it will deliver unmatched quality and crisp clarity. And you wouldn’t mind having it for around $79. It is also dust/shock proof and can withstand different types of treatment.


One of the more affordable portable speakers under $100, the URPOWER II is also IPX7 rated. Its 20W output delivers heavy bass without any issues. It produces full HD sound that is crystal clear. Its heavy-bass and crisp sound is made possible with the two high-performance drivers and subwoofer. It is IPX7 rated and you can take it almost anywhere. Pair it easily with Bluetooth 4.0. NFC technology support and built-in mic further enhance its functionalities. This masterpiece of a portable speaker is available at just around $40.

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