Smartphones impact on our lives

Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other. It has also changed the channels through which we disseminate information to one and other. Today having a smartphone is a requirement. It is no longer considered to be a luxury, but a must have. This is because with the coming of the smartphone era, communication has been revolutionized. People are not only instantly connected to one and other, but are also able to share thoughts, opinions and ideas with each other on a larger scale with responses of people coming in on an immediate basis. The smartphone era has enabled people to start trends which are of all genres. Whether its hashtags or other trending topics, people are aware and news generation is taking place, more information is being processed, the output resulting in people taking action that may be required. Any relationship can be conducted through a smartphone, whether business or personal in nature. The sheer number of apps that involve different people from the various parts of the world coming together is another novelty of this era.

Politics, Businesses, Partnerships, relationships, music, and movies cross boundaries, nationalities and regions reaching people even in the remotest of areas. Social issues can come to the forefront, diversity of people can enable understanding and acceptance of different perspectives and viewpoints.

LG, the leading consumer durable brand, is very much in tune with the changing trends bringing various smartphones to the forefront at affordable prices. Holding a strong position in the market, the specifications of a LG smartphone have a variety which allows them to be customized and work according to the consumer’s preferences. The navigation of the LG smartphones along with the storage capacity provide for a large number of apps. Then there are the cameras in the phone which ensure that the pictures are not pixelated but are landscaped, capturing the entire essence of the image.

LG phones have always been user friendly and easy to use. This is because they are not fragile in nature and are elegant to look. At the same time these phones are of an extremely sturdy nature. Their software has made it easy for them to become consumer favorites as they give confidence that the product is of a durable nature.
People need to stay connected, they need be aware. Things in and around them will keep changing. The singular point of contact between a person and the world is their smartphone. It’s on them at all times, they check it nearly every minute discovering new places and hidden secrets of the world through the vast expanse of information that is now available to them through different apps, platforms and portals.

LG sales for its smart phones are high because they function extremely efficiently and are reasonably priced. They have low maintenance charges and can be used for a considerable period of time. LG innovates with its smartphones on a regular basis, enabling them to be different, new and up to date with the current scenario of smartphone market in India, making them high quality strong contenders. Just recently, LG was one of the first smartphone players to launch VoLTE, VoWiFi smartphones. Apart from this, LG disrupted the smartphone market with the launch of the first ever modular smartphone LG G5 which is considered to be the most innovative smartphone of the year. News Service

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