Epson launches SurePress L-6034VW Digital Label Press

Epson expands its range of digital label presses with the India launch of the SurePress L-6034VW digital label press. The SurePress L-6034VW is Epson’s first single-pass industrial press, the first to use Epson’s new PrecisionCore line head technology and the first product to use Epson’s new LED-cured UV ink with in-line digital varnish technology.

The compact SurePress L-6034VW delivers precise quality with maximum reliability, flexibility and performance. It is the ideal solution for label converters investing in a digital label press for the first time or wishing to expand their production facilities with a reliable press that will produce high quality labels all day, every day with minimal downtime.


Completely developed and manufactured by Epson, the SurePress L-6034VW is designed to print high-quality, short to mid-run labels with outstanding durability on standard film and paper label substrates between 80 and 340mm wide. The curing process uses LED lamps for lower energy consumption. It also enables printing onto heat-sensitive substrates, such as polyethylene (PE), thereby maximising the range of materials that can be used.

To ensure unrivalled reliability and production uptime, Epson has incorporated sophisticated periodical monitoring, maintenance and cleaning features within the SurePress L-6034VW. Unique to Epson is Nozzle Verification Technology, which automatically senses if a nozzle is not firing and rapidly cleans and recovers it. Printing interruption is minimal and quality is not affected. This is an important feature that minimises downtime, minimises ink waste and ensures reliable and continuous printing.

The new PrecisionCore linehead is the key component behind the high performance, high reliability, low maintenance and low running costs of the SurePress L-6034VW. Each of the six lineheads in the press comprises 11 PrecisionCore printhead modules (totalling 52,800 nozzles) that deliver precise quality with fine, variable-sized dot control and high native resolution. The linehead is tuned to work with Epson’s new low-energy LED-cured UV ink and in-line digital varnish technology to deliver the best combination of 600 x 600 dpi quality at 15m/min with vibrant colour, smooth gradations, ultra-fine text, lines and images.

The SurePress L-6034VW gives users the flexibility to print high-opacity white ink first or last to boost image impact on clear and metallic substrates and to expand the variety of labels that can be produced. The press also includes an innovative digital varnish feature that enables users to save time and cost by applying matte, gloss and even a combination of both in patterned or selective spot varnish effects during printing to achieve a range of finishes. This can be done on the same label or vary from label to label in the same print run.

Vasudevan L K, Deputy General Manager – Prographic Products, Sales & Marketing,  Epson India said, “The new SurePress L-6034VW complements Epson’s existing SurePress L-4033AW label press and gives the market a choice of technologies and functionality to suit their specific needs. The 7-colour SurePress L-4033AW is the only aqueous inkjet digital label press on the market and perfect for premium quality, ultra-short-run labels, especially on uncoated and textured paper. Alternatively, the new SurePress L-6034VW is a significantly higher productivity, single-pass press for short to medium volumes. This press takes UV ink label printing to a new quality level and widens the range of substrates that can be printed.” News Service

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