OPPO’s Fast Charging Technology- VOOC Technology

OPPO’s VOOC Technology is a ground-breaking innovation. With 4x faster-charging speed than conventional chargers, the VOOC flash charging system will make your phone ready to go when you are on your way out the door. The 5-layer protection, when compared with the conventional high current protection, gives you protection from the adaptor to the port and interior of the phone. VOOC has replaced the voltage reducing circuit with an MCU, effectively preventing a mobile phone from overheating while charging.

OPPO had introduced it VOOC Charger since the launch of F1 Plus when the technology was brought to India. Now with the launch of its OPPO Find X, the brand has introduced a smaller and smarter, the same amazing charging speed, twice the convenience. With the LED indicator, one does not have to activate the display to check the status of the phones charge. The indicator can notify whether the USB is plugged into the VOOC or not. With the string of OPPO devices, the brand holds a higher standard of quality than any other brand. At OPPO, the production and testing process is kept in-house as much as possible, rather than outsourcing it, to ensure a quality product.

OPPO has been adhering to the core needs of users to innovate, and continuously prepare for advanced technologies. Back to the beginning of 2015, OPPO set up a special R&D team for the next telecommunications standards and recruited experts with rich experience in the international standard development field, that’s now leading the smartphone industry regarding research excellence.

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