motorola razr gets Android 10 software update

Motorola has started rolling out the Android 10 software OTA update to motorola razr smartphone in India. Motorola also announced that the razr is expected to receive a 2nd Android OS upgrade.


motorola razr

Key highlights of the Android  10 update include:

Quicker options for keeping in touch

Give your favorite contacts a ring without opening your phone – just swipe left on the Quick View display to access your favorite contacts. Keeping in touch is easier than ever now that you’re able to read and respond to messages from the most popular messaging apps with new Smart Reply or the new Quick View keyboard.

New ways to snap a selfie

The razr’s expanded front-facing Quick View camera features allow you to capture selfies in even more ways when the device is closed, including more camera modes like Group Selfie, Portrait Mode, Spot Color, and others. Accessing your camera is just a simple swipe away, too. When your razr is closed and unlocked, open the camera by swiping right or by using Quick Capture with a twist of the wrist.

More apps at your fingertips

Now you can access turn-by-turn navigation from Google Maps and music players from your favorite music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora all from the Quick View display. And speaking of more options, you can also use the Quick View display to show off more of your personal style with new themes.

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