LG launches its Dual View Flat OLED signage “OLED Signage – Dual View Flat OLED”

LG Electronics India launches its OLED Signage – Dual View Flat OLED. The OLED Signage – Dual View Flat OLED technology maximizes the advertising effects and gives a 2-way media experience saving space with paper slim depth of 8 mm. With LG displaying innovative commercial OLED concepts, it can be used in three ways – as a flat screen, wallpaper and with a curved tilt. It comes with the convenience of dedicated accessories, supporting 3 different installations depending on the space with built in Monitor Screen, Cables and Signage Box.

The Worlds Narrowest Bezel (0.9mm) Video Wall enables seamless and immersive viewing experience on an assembled video wall. It ensures clear picture quality and its IPS LED backlight technology guarantees high uniformity in brightness to ensure a clear picture. Business owners also benefit from the enhanced content management functionality. It comes equipped with a synced media playback which eliminates the need for an external media player. LAN daisy chain can allow not only control command distribution, but also monitoring and firmware update function.

The 86” Ultra Stretch (58:9 aspect ratio) monitor comes with high resolution laterally extended screen in landscape or portrait format. It supports content editing, eliminating the need for special editing appliances and adopts overall features of a high end signage or a video wall. It’s easy to install and LAN daisy chain allows business to control and monitor device, distribute content and even update firmware.

On the occasion, Mr Hemendu Sinha, Business Head, B2B, LG Electronics India said, “We are delighted to launch for the 1st time in India the OLED Signage – Dual View Flat OLED technology which maximizes the advertising effects and gives a 2-way media experience saving space with paper slim depth of 8 mm. LG Grand Tech Seminar is a platform to reach out to our consumers and partners so that they can experience LG’s new innovations. We are very excited to present innovative and stylish solutions to our customers. Apart from being aesthetically designed and providing usage convenience, these products offer great value via client engagement and an overall experience to the business owners.”

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