Features of Best Gaming Laptops of 2018

Gaming became a lot better after they arrived on PCs. Still, the gaming experience that PCs deliver is unmatched by any other gaming device. But, there are a lot of gamers who prefer laptops as they can be easily moved around. Selecting the right laptop for gaming is nothing but a herculean task. This blog post covers some of the best gaming laptops of this year.

The key component – Graphics

The main feature that separates gaming laptops from the rest of the types is graphics. Gaming laptops should have graphics chips either from Nvidia or AMD to handle games with heavy graphics. Players must understand that higher the model number of a chip line, the better will be the 3D performance. For instance, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 can produce relatively higher frame rates than Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1060.

Having a single powerful GPU can run almost all the latest AAA games on a 1080p screen. And, having a second GPU could run latest games smoothly on 4K and 5K screens.

Here comes the heart – processor

The processor is the most important part next to graphics in a gaming laptop. Until now quad-core 7th generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 CPU based on Kaby Lake chipset. The new Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake chips are used in some of the latest laptops. The laptops which have Coffee Lake chips will usually have two or more cores. This improves the overall performance, but not much in terms of graphics.

Next, the screen size

When it comes to displaying size, the most comfortable screen size for a gambling laptop is 15-inch. Especially if one carries the laptop. 17-inch screen size will also be good but the weight increases. Also having at least, a full HD screen would be good. Screen with 1080p resolutions or higher than that also would be great, but it could also increase the budget. Also, the graphics chip, processor should be considered before determining the screen size.

Let’s come to the hard disk now

Considering the reduction of prices of SSD over the years, it is highly recommended to go for SSD. They take less time for booting up and for loading and closing a game. One of the widely preferred sizes is 500GB as it could easily suffice space for several games.

Don’t forget about the memory

Memory also plays an important part in gaming and the recommended RAM is at least above 8GB. Most of the latest games consume a lot of RAM and if any extra applications running in the background, then it could slow down the games and the other programs.

What else?

Some players would like to connect to an external bigger screen and therefore corresponding port support should be available. Also, it is recommended to prefer the models that have two USB 3.0 ports as one could be used for mouse and the other for the hard disk to save files.

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