Grab Vivo Nex or V9 @ just Rs.1947! Tips and tricks to maximize your chances

1. Do your homework:
Make sure you know exactly on which date and what time the flash sale is going to be held for vivo Nex and vivo V9. You can always keep an eye on Vivo E-Store ( Event time: 12 noon, 7th to 9th August

2. Sign up before it is too Late:
Sign up on 1 hour before the sale starts to avoid any last minute delay. Make sure you have entered your email-ID.

3. Log in your Email:
Log in on 10 minutes before the sale starts to get ahead of the crowd. Make sure you have the correct password to log in, if not use “Forgot Password?” option.

4. Make sure you Address in Intact:
Once you have signed in or logged in into, under “My Address” in my account section, enter your correct shipping address to help fasten the purchase process.

5. Continuously Refresh product page:
Keep refreshing the product page 2 minutes before the Flash Sale goes live. Just to ease the process you may keep multiple tabs of the product page open if you are on a desktop, just in case something goes wrong with the first tab.

6. Always choose buy now, not Add to Cart:
Once, and if, you get to see the Add to Cart and Buy Now options, always choose Buy Now. Add to Cart is a tad slower and most people tend to opt for the option, making possibilities of an error and getting the Sold Out message more likely.

7. Click on “Place Order” and deal is yours
The final confirmation might be only when you click on “Place order” and you get an order ID generated. So quickly, click on “Place order” as soon as delivery address is selected

8. You can choose any payment option available
As per the Terms and conditions mentioned on vivo estore website, you can choose any payment option available i.e Cash on delivery or prepaid mode.

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