AXL announces OTG (On-The-Go) pendrives in India

AXL-Mini-Hybrid-Dual-OTGMumbai, India, October 27, 2015: AXL the smart-life accessories brand has announced OTG (On-The-Go) pendrives in India. The new OTG pendrives – Hybrid Dual OTG and Mini Hybrid Dual OTG delivers exceptional performance and blazing speed. This OTG allows users to move favorite HD videos, photos and music on their laptops, TVs, gaming consoles or other entertainment systems faster. The Hybrid Dual OTG comes with standard USB 2.0 connectivity and supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac 10.5 & 10.6 and all gadgets supports OTG.

Smartphones are generating huge data in various forms such as songs, videos and other files, thereby increased demand for storage. OTGs have just come handy solution for such a growing demand for storage and transfer of huge data instantaneously. OTG devices can connect your Smartphone and PC to each other. These devices are called as dual-role peripherals which can perform dual task by establishing a communication link. It comes with USB port on one side and Micro USB on the other. This module has used the no-cable technology and will benefit mobile users.

Commenting on the launch, Atul Modi, Director at AXL said “We being a lifestyle accessories company, analyzed mobile accessories market and OTG will be the next big market in India. Sufficient storage is everyone’s necessity and the problem of storing additional content which includes HD videos, movies tends to increase. To cater to such demands, we have come up with sophisticated digital storage products. It provides remarkable speed and has compact designs. Our new high-capacity OTGs, let users enjoy more of their favorite content anywhere without running out of space.”

AXL Mini Hybrid Dual OTG

The AXL Mini Hybrid Dual OTG is available in different storage variants – 8GB, 16GB & 32GB. It is an efficient USB flash drive and comes with an elegant matte finish. With AXL pen drives you can store Full HD video in a package smaller than a dime. Featuring a low-profile, plug-and-play swivel design, this tiny pen drive delivers impressive capacity. Its compactness adds to style quotient and can be used to expand storage of notebook, tablet, TV, in-car audio systems, gaming console & more.It allows easy transport of data and it is compatible with iMac, Apple laptops, Windows PC, smartphone and Android tablets.

AXL Hybrid Dual OTG

The sleek AXL Hybrid Dual pendrive comes with both OTG & USB function and it makes very convenient tool for storing & transferring data. It is the popular choice for moving massive files quickly and it comes in capacities like 8GB, 16GB & 32GB respectively. It is designed to meetconsumer demand for more digital storage and by using Hybrid Dual pendrives you can carry all your favorite media in a one small portable device. With better transfer speed, the AXL pen drive transfers your data with less time.

Price, Warranty and Availability

The AXL Mini Hybrid OTG pen drive is available for purchase on online & offline retailers at a starting price of Rs.599 for 8GB, Rs.749 for 16GB and Rs. 1399 for 32GB. While the AXL Mini Hybrid Dual OTG available at a price tag of Rs. 649 for 8GB, Rs.799 for 16GB and Rs. 1499 for 32GB. Both the devices comes with 2 years warranty.

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