Static Shooter game Sniper Fury coming soon for Android, iOS, and Windows

Gameloft-Advertising-SolutionsNew Delhi, India, November 17, 2015: A Static Shooter game by genre, Sniper Fury coming soon for Android, iOS, and Windows! With an increase in the diversity of gameplay and the evolution of the weapon’s innovative combat terrorism all over the world! Experience depth and quality of the shooter the highly-polished, in a format that is accessible and gameplay.

Sniper Fury is set in the close, foreseeable future, and covers a dark scenario in which the world is crumbling under terrorist attacks. Players are deployed to hot areas as top-class snipers to bring safety back.


The action will take players to missions all over the world, as the story thickens and the terrorists grow stronger and bolder with their evil plans.

The environment diversity enables a variety of special atmospheric effects that enhances the value of this game even further

  • A strong shooter expertise behind the game
    • Developed in the same studio that launched Modern Combat 5, Brothers in Arms 5, Blitz Brigade
    • Using the latest technology: rendering based on Modern Combat 5
    • Amazing visual effects make this the best looking shooter on the store
  • Accessible gameplay focused 100% on shooting
    • Player is deployed in sniper vantage points, with clear missions: eliminate threat, protect ally, survive, prevent enemy from fleeing etc.
    • No player movement
  • Very intense kill cams

Teaser video link:

Game release date – 3rd December 2015

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