Logitech partners with LXG to strengthen the esports ecosystem in India

Logitech has joined hands with League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) for the third edition of esports tournament, Indian Lan Gaming (ILG). The mission behind ILG is to promote the esports culture in the country. Over 6000 gamers have participated in the current season and we are expecting to have over 12000 gamers by end of the season. Logitech is committed towards supporting the fresh, young talent through this tournament by empowering aspiring gamers to play along with some of the most popular gamers in the country. The participating will have a chance to win rewards from the total prize worth INR 1,60,00,000. These rewards also include G Tokens which will allow gamers to upgrade their gaming experience. Gamers can redeem the G Tokens for top-end gaming peripherals at ilg.lxgindia.com/store

With an exponential growth in the gaming industry, India is predicted to have 628 million gamers by 2020. LXG and Logitech G are enabling professional gamers with a credible esports platform and creating an opportunity for budding gamers to pick esports as a serious pursuit. The tournament kick-started across 30 cities in May this year and gamers across the country playing more than 600 tournaments online and offline across PC, Console and Mobile platforms with a total prize pool of INR 1.6 Crore.

Commenting on the partnership Mr, Sumanta Datta, Managing Director and Cluster Head for India and South West Asia at Logitech said, “We are excited to partner with LXG consecutively for the second time in a row for this tournament. With the third edition, we are confident that ILG will be a greater success than last year. The Indian esports industry is witnessing an exponential growth right now, and with this partnership we will continue to enable the growth of PC gaming and esports in the country. With more than 6000 participants already, we are expecting this edition of the tournament to receive a phenomenal response from the esports community”

Commenting on the partnership, Mr Shravanth Reddy, MD & CEO, LXG said “With the exponential growth that esports in India is experiencing, it is of utmost importance to highlight and strengthen the grass root level, which will lay the foundation for the growth of the esports celebrities of tomorrow. Though the primary goal of ILG is to improve the LAN gaming culture, it will always be a platform for upcoming gamers to showcase their talent and get recognised.”

With this partnership, Logitech G and LXG together will continue to support and nurture this growth at the grass root level gaming ecosystem, enabling gamers across the country to make their esports dream a viable reality

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