Gameloft announces the Upcoming Release of Dungeon Hunter Champions

Gameloft announces its upcoming release of the brand new Dungeon Hunter Champions, inspired by the Dungeon Hunter series, the most popular Hack’n’Slash franchise on smartphones and tablets. Players from all over the world can now pre-register to receive exclusive items and a chance to win 15 Champions.

Dungeon Hunter Champions opens up new ways for fans to journey through the massive world of Dungeon Hunter.  The captivating storyline will chronicle the discovery of new worlds in a massive multiverse environment.From the Dragon Sanctuary on the borderlands of Valenthiato the Coliseum on the world of Slammed, players will travel between distant dimension exploring the new worlds with a unique visual experience.

On top of a deep solo campaign, players will drop into a live 5v5 multiplayer experience and build their own team by summoning over 250 collectable Champions from every corner of the multiverse, taking them on an epic adventure.From the classic sword-wielding Bounty Hunter to the mysterious frog-riding Ninja, there is a Champion for every playstyle!

Damien Marchi, Vice President Marketing at Gameloft, said, “This is a brand new direction for the Dungeon Hunter franchise. Dungeon Hunter Champions brings all the successful features the fans love while adding hundreds of playable characters, an original art direction, fantastic environments, and a unique storyline. Dungeon Hunter Championsexpands the world of the franchise beyond its traditional scope to the millions of fans who already enjoy the Dungeon Hunter series.”

Pre-register link of Dungeon Hunter Champions News Service

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