Toreto launches “Quad”- 4 USB Ports AC Adapter

New Delhi, India, July 13, 2015: Toreto, a leader in providing consumers with complete power solutions, gadgets and accessories, launches Quad- 4 USB ports wall charger that offers the fastest charge on the market at an affordable price for the first time in India.

Quad comes in white colour with LED light indicators. The indicator illuminates red light which shows the device is charging, while green light indicates the device is fully charged.

The 4 –port USB wall charger gives a total output of 4.2A and allows charging of four devices simultaneously at a maximum speed. For an example you can charge your iphone, ipad, galaxy and standard phone one at a time at full speed letting you get back to your life fast.

The smart wall charger also has an auto cut off facility that automatically switches off when your gadget is fully charged. This prevents overcharging of battery. Such a charger is environment friendly, energy efficient and hazard free.

Another interesting feature of Quad is its light weight. The smart wall charger is not only a time saving gadget but also serves as super perfect for travel because of its lightweight.

So, you need not worry about the hassle of carrying lots of clumsy adapters for everything, this charger has the trend to be your favourite. All in all, this portable charger is all you need.

Commenting on the new launch of Quad, AC adapters, Director, Toreto, Mr. Vikas Swarnakar says, “We feel proud to introduce “Quad”, the multifunctional wall charger that is much safer and delivers fast and quality power to customers”.

Key Features:

  • Armed with 4.2A total output, the 4 USB wall charger offers the fastest charge on the market, only the 4 USB wall charger can simultaneously power up for gadgets at their maximum speeds, letting you get back to your life fast
  • The 4 USB wall charger also maintains the highest quality standards to offer a safe, stable, durable product with multiple circuit protection design
  • Input: AC 100-200 V, 50-60HZ
  • Output : 5V 4.2Amp

Pricing and Availability:

Backed with a warranty of 1 year, Quad- 4 USB ports AC Adapter is available at Rs. 1499/-for booking on leading e-commerce portals and Toreto’s official website

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