Flipkart launched Voice Assistant capability on its platform

Flipkart has introduced Voice Assistant capability on its platform, to make consumers’ e-commerce journey simpler and more natural. Introduced in Flipkart’s grocery store, Supermart, the Voice Assistant will enable consumers to discover and buy products easily using voice commands in multiple languages, starting with Hindi and English.

For its grocery store, Flipkart’s Voice Assistant will help consumers build their grocery basket by simply talking to the assistant, similar to talking to a shopkeeper in the real world. It has the capability to understand variations in commands in both English and Hindi while also responding to mixed language commands.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Log in to the Flipkart app

Step 2: Then proceed to select “Grocery/राशन”

The Voice Assistant for grocery is currently available to all English and Hindi users using Flipkart’s mobile app on Android devices and will be gradually made available on iOS and the website. The launch of Voice Assistant for grocery marks a decade of innovations from Flipkart, which is known for developing customer-focused solutions.

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