Nihilent Launches First of its kind Mortality Incident Tracker ‘COMIT’ to Investigate COVID-19 Related Deaths

Nihilent has launched the COVID-19 Mortality Incident Tracker (COMIT), a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering to help doctors and forensic pathologists to track and investigate the deaths that have been caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COMIT has a provision to capture and record details of the deceased if the person has been confirmed with COVID-19 or suspected to have died from COVID-19. The information collected is from a medical facility, a law enforcement office, or a funeral home. The medico-legal investigator can refer to the details of the case, speak to all the concerned parties involved in the case, including the NOK (Next of Kin), capture the medical history of the person and the likely cause of death. The doctor by using various modules of COMIT can capture the critical parameters such as cause and manner of death, any comorbidities present to give a complete analysis and synopsis of the case.

Speaking on the COMIT launch, L.C. Singh, Director and Executive Vice-Chairman, Nihilent, said, “Healthcare and medical institutions today are at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19 and it is very crucial to provide them with all the necessary tools, equipment and the right technology. Keeping in mind the preciousness of time at this point, Nihilent has developed a one of its kind solution for doctors, investigators, researchers and other health practitioners that allows them to monitor COVID-19 related mortality seamlessly and navigate through this pandemic.”

According to Minoo Dastur, Director, President, and CEO, Nihilent, “The current pandemic is causing global pandemonium and the exponential rise of the disease only makes it necessary to have COMIT, a one of a kind solution, to monitor the deaths due to the virus. The solution will help the investigation of suspected but unconfirmed deaths as well as unattended deaths from the virus outbreak.”

The main advantage of the user-friendly COMIT offering is that it helps keep a record of the fatality cases efficiently which can be accessed easily. This cloud-based solution comes with very strong levels of security owing to the sensitive nature of the information and data. The solution will ensure seamless processing of information and safe preservation for future study of the disease, factors that aggravate it and measures that can be taken to fight COVID-19.

Vineet Bahal, MD, Nihilent Analytics, said, “Our team of experts who developed COMIT have been working for around two decades with doctors and forensic pathologists. Using our Design Thinking framework, we leveraged our UX Labs to deep dive and gain an understanding of the problem and challenges relating to COVID-19. Our specialized experience in developing solutions for a death investigation, victim identification and case management formed the basis of the COMIT platform.”

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