Prana Air Launches Its Indoor Air Purifier

Prana Air has launched an innovative, high-performance indoor air purifier. This powerful air purifier applies state-of-art technology to curtail the perilous impact of air pollution stalking indoor living space such as homes and offices. The device can cleanse the air pollutants such as smoke, dust, negative ions, viruses including H1N1, bacteria, and PM 2.5 particles. Breathing purified air results in better health, preventing people from any kind of health risks.

Prana Air

The robust air purifier decontaminates the indoor air of harmful particles and toxic gases with an impeccable success rate of 99.9%. The device has an in-built ionizer that cleanses the environment from the negative ions which are the potential source of any form of infection.  The ionizer creates fresh air inside the room, which also elevates the mental well-being of the residents. The air purifier delivers excellent service in a large sized room with an area of up to 41 square meters. The device has a capacity of Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) of 334m3/h particulate matter and 200 m3/h formaldehyde that enables its excellent service delivery.

The innovative device produces no noise, offering the desired comfort to the user while sleeping. The device has a three-speed mode which can be operated using a remote. With the use of a timer, the device can be programmed to switch on or off at specific intervals thereby adding to the convenience of the user. The compact air purifier can be easily accommodated anywhere in a room. The filter in the air purifier once saturated with the contaminants can be replaced with a new one to deliver high-grade performance.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Mr. Rohit Bansal, Director, Prana Air, said, “Everyone has the right to fresh and clean air. Our mission is to fulfill this by making healthy air affordable and accessible to all. The Prana Air ‘Air Purifier’ has been carefully equipped with the essential techniques to purify the indoor air that we and our family breathe. It’s a safety device with an excellent capability to sanitize the air and protect the overall well-being of the family.”

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