Havells launches anti-bacterial switch range

Havells India launched anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal switches under its Crabtree electric switch range. The new innovative switch range named Athena, Signia and Verona can contain the growth and spread of harmful microbes through human touch with 99.99% efficacy. The switch range will act as a catalyst to lead a ‘Healthy life’ for customers by avoiding bacteria led diseases like food poisoning, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, etc. The range comes at the consumer price of INR 75 onwards.


With the context of the pandemic, it has become imperative to ensure hygiene and infection control in all kinds of facilities such as hospitals, hotels, institutes, and homes, etc. more than ever. The latest offering from the brand uses metal compounds that are more effective than metal oxides and other metal complexes and have higher efficacy as compared to silver ions to contain the growth of bacteria and fungi. Along with that, the new range of switches offer a long-lasting usage with good weatherability that ensures non-discoloration under high temp and humidity. The product base material is approved by FDA, ECHA, and EPA and has also been tested by the third-party labs such as JIS and ISO.

While launching the new product range, Saurabh Goel, President, Havells India Limited, said, “The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has brought the significance of hygiene and infections control to the fore. With customer centricity at the core, we at Havells have constantly been working towards building products for the most topical customer needs. Based on our brand philosophy of ‘making a difference’, we are delighted to introduce Crabtree’s new anti-bacterial range that will find an essential place with the health conscious users.”

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