Haier Launches Industry’s First Self-Cleaning Inverter Technology Air Conditioners In India

Haier today announced the launch of the industry’s first revolutionary Self-Cleaning Inverter Technology Air Conditioners in India. The new range of air conditioners comes equipped with cutting edge technology and features, especially designed to add that extra bit of comfort and convenience to the lives of consumers dealing with soaring temperatures, with no hassle.


The USP of these air conditioners is the Self-Cleaning Technology which is a patented technology by Haier and allows users to automatically clean the evaporator of the air conditioner with the tap of a button. It is a common phenomenon for dust to accumulate on the evaporator unit of the air conditioner while it is in use. This can lead to health and hygiene issues such as transmission of bacteria in the air resulting in deterioration of air quality. Further, a dirty evaporator lowers the cooling efficiency by 15-30 % and also makes it inconvenient and expensive for consumers to manually clean it.

Haier Self Cleaning Technology AC

In order to address these issues, Haier innovated a new technology called the Self-Cleaning Technology, which enables automatic cleaning of the evaporator by lowering its temperature by certain degrees and frosting the surface with 30% increased condensed water. This removes the dirt on the evaporator through a strong cold expansion force generated by frosting, which is further washed away in defrosting. Besides this, for a cleaner air flow, the AC also comes with Nano silver ion coating in the evaporator fins, which assures 99.9% sterilisation rate.


The air conditioners come with added unconventional features like Stabilizer free operation, four-way swings for an even air-flow, enhanced cooling efficiency which works even when the outside temperature is 60 degree Celsius and comes with parts made of 100% anti corrosion copper for a longer product life. Additionally, Haier will provide a 12 year warranty on the compressor on DC inverter series air conditioners.


On the launch of this new series, Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India, said, “At Haier our aim has always been to introduce products which complement the evolving lifestyles of our modern day contemporary consumers. With the new range of ACs featuring the revolutionary Self Cleaning Technology, we’re augmenting our portfolio of premium air conditioners in the market. Moreover, with a strong emphasis on our motto of customer inspired innovation, we would continue to bring in ground-breaking and innovative technologies to serve our customers with high quality, superior products.”


The new line up of Self-cleaning technology air conditioners by Haier is available in the Indian market starting at a price range of INR 30,000 to INR 60,000.

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